What Does JIP Mean On DirecTV? (6 Things To Know)

what does jip mean on directv
what does jip mean on directv

DirecTV is one of the best entertainment subscriptions available out there since they offer access to streaming TV packages and satellite TV packages. However, many people struggle with JIP errors while using DirecTV streaming, which hinders the streaming experience. Now, let’s see what this error means and how it can be resolved!

What Does JIP Mean On DirecTV?

JIP simply means Joined in Progress. In the majority of cases, people get this error on Saturdays when the channel has acquired exclusive TV rights for broadcasting some game. So, let’s see how you can troubleshoot this issue!

1. Peak Time

First of all, there are high chances that you are watching the TV with a DirecTV subscription at peak time. The peak time for DirecTV ranges from 6 PM to 9 PM, during which there are high chances of JIP error appearing. Keep in mind DirecTV offers satellite channels, and there is peak time for these channels. That being said, if there is a peak time, you will need to wait for this peak time to pass.

2. Specific Show

The second possible reason behind the JIP error is that the channel has acquired the exclusive rights to stream some content. For instance, if there is some important football match or Super Bowl, the channels will get exclusive rights to only stream the games, which leads to the JIP error. The only solution for this problem is to wait for the show or game to be over because that’s the only thing that can help you trespass this error.

3. Reboot

In case there is no specific show coming up or peak time, but the JIP error is still appearing on DirecTV, you can opt for the reboot. Rebooting the DirecTV is as simple as unplugging your DirecTV device from the power source and waiting for a few minutes. Ideally, you should let it rest for ten minutes to fifteen minutes. That being said, once the DirecTV device is cooled down, you can reconnect it to the power source and try streaming again.

4. Reset

If the reboot has not resolved the JIP error on your DirecTV, there are high chances of configuration issues, which can be fixed with the help of a reset. To reset the DirecTV device, you can press the reset button on the device. Once the device is reset, you will have to enter the settings again, but it’s worth it because JIP error will be fixed.

5. Outage

The service outage is another potential reason behind the error, which can limit the streaming experience with DirecTV. That being said, you should check the DirecTV social media handles to check if they have notified the users about the service outage. The outage will be fixed by DirecTV technical team, so you need to wait.

6. Call Customer Support

Last but not least, you can reach out to DirecTV customer support for getting help. The customer support team will be able to diagnose the real issue behind JIP error and help you fix it. In fact, they can run the backend troubleshooting process!

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