What Do Lights Mean on Linksys Velop? (Explained)

what do lights mean on linksys velop
what do lights mean on linksys velop

Most people think that the only thing they have to do to get a stable connection at their home is to get a good ISP. Although you should note that these companies only provide you with an internet network and decide the speed you will get. If you are comfortable with using wired connections all around your house, then there should be no major problems. Although, people who want to use laptops and mobile phones usually complain that the Wi-Fi coverage on their modem and router is not enough. This is why it is recommended that you replace the stock router from your ISP with a new one. Mesh systems like the Linksys Velop ensure that you can easily get Wi-Fi coverage in every nook and cranny of your home as long as you set up the device properly.

What Do Lights Mean on Linksys Velop?

While the Linksys Velop is an amazing device that can be configured easily, you should note that there are also some issues that you can run into with it. People often question “What do the lights mean on Linksys Velop?”. The answer for this usually depends on what color the lights are.

Linksys has manufactured their mesh system Velop to have LED lights that can change colors. Depending on the color your router is showing, there might or might not be a problem with it. Considering this, one easy way to identify what the color of light means is to check the manual provided along Linksys Velop.

Although, if you have lost the manual then you can also search for a copy of it online. Just make sure that you search for the exact model of your device to avoid any further problems.

Color Of Lights and What They Mean

In case people don’t want to go through the manual of their mesh system, here is a list of lights that you can get on your Linksys Velop along with what it indicates.

  • Blue blinking: This light shows up when your device is powering on. You should wait patiently, and the light should switch colors on its own.
  • Purple: The purple color only shows up when you have first plugged in the Linksys Velop. Considering this, you should install the application for Velop on your mobile phone and start configuring the mesh system.
  • Purple blinking: This means that your device is now going through the configurations process, and it should switch colors on its own once the procedure ends.
  • Blue: The stable blue color means that your device is now connected to the internet, and it is working without any problems.
  • Red: Red light indicates that the Linksys Velop is not connected to your modem. Alternatively, your ISP might be running into issues.
  • Red blinking: Your Linksys router is out of the range of your network. Simply moving it closer to the other routers should fix the problem.
  • Orange or yellow: Finally, the yellow light indicates a weak connection which can also be fixed by moving the devices closer to each other. Alternatively, you can also try moving some furniture that might be blocking the signals.

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