5 Easy Fixes For Wavlink Wi-Fi Extender No Internet

wavlink wifi extender no internet
wavlink wifi extender no internet

Wavlink is a reliable name in the telecommunication industry as its wireless extenders have become a promising choice for offices as well as homes to increase wireless network coverage. The wireless extender is designed with a collective internet throughput of 3200Mbps, which makes it a reliable choice for people who want to create a full-coverage wireless network. However, if you have connected it to the router but there is no internet, there is an array of solutions that you can follow.

Fixing Wavlink Wi-Fi Extender No Internet

  1. Range

First of all, you have to understand that the Wi-Fi extender’s connection with the router is extremely important if you want to optimize the internet connection. Ideally, the router and the extender shouldn’t be more than 10ft to 15ft away. That’s because the extender has to capture the internet or wireless signals from the router and extend them. For this reason, if there is a “no internet” error, we recommend that you check the location of the router and extender and put them closer to each other.

  1. Power Connections

The wireless extender has to be connected to the power to ensure it turns on and captures the wireless signals being broadcasted by the router. For this reason, if there is no internet, there are chances that you have made the connections but the power button hasn’t been turned on. For this reason, check the power socket you have connected the extender to and turn on the button. In addition to this, make sure that the power cord is connected to the right ports and has a tight connection (a loose connection can interrupt the extender’s operations).

  1. Firmware

Just like other wireless extenders available in the market, the Wavlink Wi-Fi extender also needs firmware to operate properly. For this reason, if there is a lag in the internet connection, we recommend that you upgrade the extender’s firmware. To upgrade the firmware, you have to log into the web-based dashboard of the extender and open the advanced settings from the menu to access the firmware feature. Keep in mind that the extender might turn on and off automatically during the firmware upgrade, so don’t panic. Also, don’t disconnect the extender from the power source because it can cause configuration errors.

  1. Cable Connections

The cable connections are necessary to connect the extender to the router. For this reason, if there is no internet issue, we recommend that you check all the cable connections and make sure they are tightened up. Ideally, you should disconnect the cables and reconnect them to the right ports again (create a tight connection). In addition, if any of the cables seem damaged, they must be replaced.

  1. The Internet Network

It’s needless to say that the Wi-Fi extender works on the internet provided through the router. So, if you have tried the above-mentioned troubleshooting guide but the “no internet” error is still there, we recommend that you call your internet service provider because the internet network could be down and the ISP can troubleshoot the connection for you!

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