4 Approaches To Fixing Wavlink Router Flashing Red

wavlink router flashing red
wavlink router flashing red

Wireless routers are an important addition to the internet and network infrastructures because they help broadcast the wireless internet signals into the home, so you can connect your devices to the wireless connection and use the internet on the go. Wavlink has an array of routers available but many people have been complaining about the flashing red light. When the red light starts flashing, it usually impacts the internet connectivity, and with this article, we are sharing how you can resolve this issue!

Fixing Wavlink Router Flashing Red

  1. Reboot

Whenever the LED indicator on the Wavlink router starts flashing red, the immediate reaction should be rebooting the router. That’s because the red light usually flashes when there is a configuration error in the router. Having said that, we recommend that you reboot the router because it can easily handle minor configuration errors. To reboot the router, you have to turn it off for a few minutes and then turn it on. When the router turns on, give it a few seconds for the lights to stabilize. Once the lights stabilize, the red light will go away and the internet will work without any errors.

  1. Firmware Upgrade

In some cases, the LED indicator also flashes red during the firmware upgrade. Wavlink router has been designed with an automatic upgrade option. So, if you have rebooted the router but the red light isn’t going away, there are chances that the router is under the firmware upgrade process. For this reason, we recommend that you wait for a few minutes to complete the upgrade process. However, if the light doesn’t stop flashing red even after a few minutes, you can try out the solutions mentioned below.

  1. Overheated

Another major reason behind a flashing red light is the overheated unit. It’s needless to say that routers work 24/7 and overheating is a common occurrence. So, we recommend that you touch the router, and if it’s hot to touch, we recommend that you turn it off for a few minutes – it will ensure that the router cools down. Once the router is cooled down, turn it on and the internet will start working.

Also, once the router is cooled down, we recommend that you change its location to make sure it has sufficient air ventilation. The air ventilation will ensure that the heat will dissipate easily rather than heating the router. So, place it on open shelves or choose a central location in the home where there is enough air to keep the router cool.

  1. Wires

Many people don’t pay heed to the wires but they are the most common culprit behind slow or no internet connection. Similarly, it can result in a flashing red light. For this reason, we recommend that you inspect all the wires and cables connected to the router and replace the damaged ones. In addition, make sure that the wires are connected to the correct ports tightly because loose connections can lead to various internet errors and a flashing red light is one of them. Lastly, if you have to purchase replacement cables, always invest in high-quality cables.

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