Plex App Not Working On Vizio TV: 3 Ways To Fix

vizio plex app not working
vizio plex app not working

Plex is an online subscription-based network that allows you access to tons of TV channels live transmission and a lot more. You can also access the TV programs that have been broadcasted in the past with the help of Plex application if you are a Plex Pass subscribers.

Not only that, but there is also lots of on demand content available on the application like movies, series and sporting events. Plex has also launched their application for Vizio TV users, and they can enjoy a truly seamless streaming experience with the help of this application.

If you are unable to make the app work on your Vizio TV, here are a few things that you will need to do.

Plex App Not Working Vizio TV

1) Restart

There are multiple bugs and errors on the platform that might be causing you to have the problem with app launching. Fragmented RAM memory can also be the culprit here so you will need to make sure that you are taking care of all these aspects in the right manner.

There is not much that you will have to do, and all you have to do is simply run a power cycle on your Vizio TV. This will be restarting all the hardware and software component on your Vizio TV and you will be able to use the Plex application without any sorts of problems.

2) Check Subscriptions

The plex application needs a Plex pass subscription to work. If the application is not working for you, you will need to check on the credentials to ensure that you have the right authorization that you need to make it work.

So, double check on the credentials and make sure that your Plex account is paid for. Once you get the subscription information checked, you can relog on the application using the accurate credentials and that will be all you need to do in order to make it work.

3) Re-install

If nothing so far has worked for you, then there are chances there is something wrong with your app and a proper re-installation should be enough to get that fixed for you. You will have to delete the app data first and then uninstall the Plex application from your Vizio TV. After you have uninstalled the application from your Vizio TV, you will have to restart it once as well.

Once the Vizio TV restarts, you can simply download the latest version of the Plex application and install it on your Vizio TV. This will not only be making sure that if there are any errors, they are cleared, but will also be ensuring that you area getting the latest version of the application that will not cause you to face any errors like that in future.

It is better to keep the auto-updates on for not only the Plex application but all the applications on your Vizio TV so that they can automatically update to the latest version and you can avoid facing such sort of inconvenience in the future.

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  1. If the problem you are referring to is the network error, then none of these steps are going to do anything, including a full factory reset of the television. I am staying in a house with two Vizio TVs, albeit different models, and both exhibit the exact same problem. This is a hardwired connection, but the behavior is the same on Wi-Fi. If I plug an Apple TV into the exact same patch cable, unsurprisingly, Plex works just fine. Apparently this problem has at least been going on as long as 2016 but nothing has been done to fix it, either at Plex or Vizio. It’s not a priority for either.

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