The WiFi Network Could Not Be Joined: 4 Ways To Fix

the wifi network could not be joined
the wifi network could not be joined

Wi-Fi is become a necessity for most of us out there, as it enables you to have the right edge of connectivity with the mobility as well. These devices that you are using these days ranging from mobile phones to laptops, and even tablets have the wireless connectivity.

The Wi-Fi connections are pretty easy to connect and most of the times these devices connect over the Wi-Fi automatically. If you are getting the error message with “The Wi-Fi network could not be joined” while you are trying to connect with a certain Wi-Fi network. Here is what you will have to do to make it work.

The WiFi Network Could Not Be Joined

1) Reconnect

The first thing that you can try to do, is to attempt a reconnection on your device. This is pretty simple and you just have to disconnect your device from the Wi-Fi connection once manually. Once you get that, done, it will allow you to be connected on the Wi-Fi network again.

You have to click on the connect button and the network will assign the IP address through DHCP and your device will be able to connect over the Wi-Fi connection seamlessly without causing you any sort of trouble at all.

2) Restart

You can also try restarting your router and the Wi-Fi on your device both once. This is going to make sure that if you are facing this problem due to some bug or error, that will be eliminated and most of the times, it will help you out of the situation if there is not something on the settings that is stopping you from being connected to the internet.

3) Enable DHCP

Another thing that you need to try on the network is to check on the DHCP settings. You have to make sure that your DHCP is enabled on the router settings in order to have a seamless connection with the Wi-Fi network.

If the DHCP is disabled, your device will not be able to have an IP address assigned to it and that can cause you to have some serious problems such as you will not be able to join the Wi-Fi network.

4) Disable MAC filtering

There is another possible reason that might be causing you to face this error message while trying to connect with the Wi-Fi network. If you have MAC filtering on your router enabled, it will only allow those devices to connect that have their MAC Addresses saved on the router already. So, you need to check if the MAC filtering is enabled on your router.

There are two ways to get this done, and if you wouldn’t want to disable the MAC filtering, you can simply add the MAC Address of your device in the router and restart it once. This will help you solve the problem for good.

Or, there is another way, and you can simply disable the MAC filtering completely. This way, the router will not be pre-scanning any devices and all the devices that you are using will be able to connect with the router pretty easily.

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