7 Viasat Streaming Problems And Their Solutions

viasat streaming problems
viasat streaming problems

Viasat is one of the best global companies offering connectivity and internet solutions to homes and businesses. Their internet plans are particularly designed to allow a high-end and error-free streaming experience, but various Viasat streaming problems have been bothering the users. So, with this article, we are sharing the solutions with you!

Viasat Streaming Problems

1. Data Plans

Viasat has various unlimited internet plans available to meet the different needs of the clients. However, the unlimited plans don’t have any data caps, but there are evident data consumption thresholds. So, once you have used the high-speed internet data of the internet plan, the internet speed will be reduced, particularly during the rush hours. For this reason, you should call the customer support of Viasat and ask them about the data consumption details.

Keep in mind that the left-behind is the standard data, which is only suitable for audio streaming, emailing, social media, and web browsing but cannot be used for gaming or video streaming.

2. VPN

The streaming problems are common with different internet and network providers. However, when it comes down to gaming and video streaming, using a VPN can interfere with the signals, hence the streaming errors. For this reason, if you are using the VPN, you should disable the VPN and try streaming again. In addition to disabling the VPN connection, we suggest that you remove the VPN app from the background to restrict the background functionality. As a result, the streaming experience will be optimized.

3. Network Outages

Viasat is a global network, which is why network outages are pretty common in some areas of the world. Having said that, if there are streaming errors with Viasat, you need to check if there is a network outage in the area. We suggest that you download the mobile app for Viasat and check for the outage status on the app as it’s the most updated and quickest way of checking the network status. The best thing about their smartphone app is that it’s available for iOS as well as Android users, so it will be easier. In case there is a network outage, you will need to wait for the Viasat technicians to fix the issue.

4. Weather Changes

The streaming experience might be impacted by the weather conditions in the area. Many people think that their surrounding weather is the only factor, but it’s important to add that the network service is connected to a larger hub that’s located away from your location, probably in another city or state. Having said that, there could be a weather issue that’s impacting the telecommunication signals. To be certain about this, we suggest that you call customer support and ask them if the weather is causing the issue. If it’s the case, you will need for the weather to calm down.

5. Modem

Another thing that you can try is to check the modem. This is because the damaged modem can result in various internet issues, including streaming issues. To begin with, you should reboot the modem and try streaming your content again. However, if the reboot doesn’t resolve the problem, you should call Viasat customer support and ask them to troubleshoot the modem. In addition, they will be able to suggest if a modem replacement is needed.

6. Number Of Devices

Many people end up giving their internet passwords to neighbors and friends, which lags the internet speed. That being said, you need to determine the number of connected devices and try to disconnect some unwanted devices to improve the internet connection. In addition to this, you need to consider the internet plan because every internet plan has a threshold for devices. That being said, once you reduce the number of connected devices, there will be a significant increase in the internet speed, hence better steaming.

7. Data Extender

A data extender is another solution that you can try for improving the streaming experience. When you enable the data extender, the video will start streaming at 480p quality. The best thing about data extender is that it consumes fewer data and improves the quality of video streaming.

These solutions should fix the problem with streaming, but if it’s still bothering you, just get in touch with Viasat customer support!

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