Why You Don’t Get The Full Gigabit Speed On Verizon? (Explained)

verizon you dont get the full gigabit
verizon you dont get the full gigabit

Verizon has jumped to the latest feature of internet speeds by introducing the gigabit-speed internet. With the huge traffic at every minute browsing on the internet has created a huge mess of customers. This potentially leads to slow speeds. However, Verizon broadband recently has featured an improvement by giving the gigabit internet. Unfortunately, the gigabit speeds do not seem to give full speed that it offers.

What Is Verizon?

Verizon Wireless is one of the reputable telecommunications companies situated in the United States of America. This company is offering wireless products and the internet as well as telephone services to its customers nationwide. Verizon Wireless is a wholly-owned company of Verizon Communications. The Verizon Wireless achieved a milestone by providing broadband and Wireless services to around 154 million subscribers nationwide in 2018.

The endless internet solutions that Verizon has been providing are quite impressive. Although, its newest update of gigabit-speed was launched recently to fill the gaps for the slow speeds of the internet which somehow turned out to be a good speed solution. However, not every customer is getting full gigabit speed that they have opted for.

With the recurring number of complaints, it has become important to pinpoint the gigabit speeds provided by Verizon. To best understand what is being the barrier in gigabit speeds of Verizon, we need to have a clear understanding of what this latest update is and what else it offers along with the higher speeds.

What is Verizon Gigabit?

Verizon company has felt the need of their users to get much high-speed internet. Under that shade, they introduced gigabit speeds. Verizon Fios Gigabit Connection provides download speeds of about 940 Mbps along with the uploading speeds of around 880 Mbps which are quite impressive for the existing and compelling enough for the potential users.

They are priced at $70 a month standalone. However, the offer starts at $80 a month for a triple play bundle when it is subscribed or ordered online. Fios Gigabit Connection is created to provide the revolutionary speeds at a good price.

Fios gigabit speeds have been made available for all the Verizon users over the fiber-optic network.

Ultimately Advance Technology:

Fios gigabit is providing the best-updated solution for the slow speeds. They offer the best network capacity with the adequate speed to fight off any network mess with its advanced fiber technology.

Best Streaming and Playing Speed:

With the Verizon Fios Gigabit Connection, you are now able to power up to around 100 devices at a time connected with the internet of the impressive speeds of 940/880 Mbps. Now streaming, gaming and browsing have become sufficiently extensive on the full speed gigabit internet.

Fastest Files Sharing:

Heavy files containing loads of documents and data can be efficiently carried with the help of highly impressive speeds that Fios gigabit connection offers. Huge organizations and enterprises have been facilitated with the best speeds to make the working environment superbly productive.

All these perks of gigabit-speed internet aside, it is badly failing to deliver the best speeds. Why? The reasons can be different for different gigabit users.

Why You Dont Get The Full Gigabit Speed On Verizon?

Many customers who have upgraded from their older slow speeds to the latest gigabit service are getting 400 for download speed. Uploading speeds that this latest update provide are in the 900s however it is not offering the fullest of it.

Many users have contacted their ISPs but they got their answers like their equipment couldn’t handle the gigabit speeds. Therefore, it can be one reason for not having the perfect gigabit speeds. Try to upgrade your router immediately if you want to troubleshoot the equipment error. Moreover, users are supposed to have a gigabit across three or more devices which means a maximum 300 per device.


Verizon’s gigabit speeds can in turn give you slow speeds for several reasons. Most probably, after getting the higher speeds, the users ignore resetting their router by replugging it after 30 seconds properly. Make sure you reset it and then test its speed on the Verizon Speedtest site. Later on, if your speeds didn’t match, you can immediately reach to them.

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