Can You Port A Number That Has Been Disconnected? (Answered)

can you port a number that has been disconnected
can you port a number that has been disconnected

Have you ever disconnected a number? Or your number got disconnected due to some reason? But now you want to use that exact number again because you feel like it is more important than you think for some personal reasons. And now you are sitting here wondering “Can you port a number that has been disconnected?” Read on as we are going to help you learn more about the topic in the article given below.

Little About Disconnected numbers.

If your number or your phone service ever gets disconnected due to any reason, then your mobile number will automatically go into a kind of quarantine period for a certain time. It could be days or even months long. While during this time period, you will no longer have access to that number and you will not be able to hold any rights to Use that number or claim it as Yours. The number simply will not belong to you anymore and it can or cannot be assigned to anybody else depending upon the circumstances.

The Provider Holds The Rights

When you disconnect your number, your number no longer belongs to your name. Only the provider of that number holds the right and you cannot claim it as yours. Now if the provider wishes the number can be issued to someone else or even you if you file a proper application for request them to do so.

Let’s just say if your number was allocated to you by a certain provider, the fate if the number will be decided by oy the original provider of that number. It can be made available to be reused by you or even can be disregarded to be ever used by anyone ever again.

How Can You Port A Number That Has Been Disconnected?

If you are someone who holds the previous Rights of Use of some specific number that has now been disconnected, you may stand a chance to port the exact same number for you again. For this purpose, you may need to contact the original provider of that number. Your initial contract would now be helpful. It can be used to prove your previous owner of that disconnected number.

What you need to keep in mind is that you should not terminate completely your network service with your previously existing number company before you try to initiate a new service with some another company. Secondly, try contacting the new number company and request them to start the process of porting back your old number. Next, you should provide the new number company with approximately your previous 10-digit phone number. Moreover, any additional information about that number that you know would be very useful in this case.


Can you port a number that has been disconnected? Well, yes but it will require some serious elbow grease. But if you are really willing to get your number back, you might be able to do it by following the above-mentioned instructions. You may be charged for porting your disconnected number but it can be waived or negotiated as well.

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