Verizon Hum Drains Your Car Battery? (Explained)

verizon hum drains car battery
verizon hum drains car battery

Verizon has a timeline of offering more options to its customers, and Hum is one of them. However, it is the collaboration of Verizon and Hum to make your drive safe and perfect. Verizon’s Hum system is designed for making your vehicle smart, secure, and trackable. It comes with OBD-onboard diagnostic reader, Bluetooth speaker, and Hum app to effectively monitor, inform, and use all the vehicle systems. Simultaneously, Verizon Hum users complain in different internet forums that it is draining their battery.

If a system drains away from the battery power, then it is a big question of how Verizon Hum will provide information to its customers. In this article, Verizon Hum and why and how it is flushing out power from the vehicle battery.

Verizon Hum Drains Car Battery?

Has battery-drain no relation to the Verizon Hum?

The exact answer to it is yes. There might be not a battery’s malfunctioning that we are thinking is caused by Verizon Hum. You can confirm this by unplugging the batteries or Hum device from the vehicle and install in some other car to check whether it is due to the battery or the Hum device. And if you find that your battery is weak and old, then you can change the power and energy of the Verizon Hum system.

Can I Contact Verizon To Get Help?

Verizon will happily respond to you if you have issues with the battery drain due to Hum. Contact Verizon Customer Center; their representative will join you and ask you the problem. He will give you a guideline for the query and would generate a ticket. Afterward, your complaint can also be resolved by contacting Hum, and they will send the technician to figure out the problem and its possible solution. Thus, feel free to contact both companies.

Do I Need To Remove Verizon Hum From Vehicle?

If you are sure that Verizon’s Hum is causing battery drain, it is better to disconnect and separate Hum from the car. The decision is not so simple as Hum gives you the facility to keep track of your car and know about the vehicle’s system health. However, one has to decide on the cost of the other. Therefore, to remove the Hum device from your car, make sure your vehicle is on so it can uninstall Hum software.

Is There Any Alternate Of Verizon Hum Available?

Yes, of course, you can enjoy the service even if the Hum system is removed from your vehicle. Hum application gives you this facility to track and maintain a vehicle’s efficiency. Just install Hum mobile app and log in, choose a suitable subscription, and enjoy the service. On the flip side of the coin, it may not be the desired solution which a dedicated Verizon Hum system can give you. But something is better than nothing.


In a nutshell, we have explicated all the necessary info about Verizon Hum drains car battery. It will give you more insight than what you can do to avoid energy drain from your car and allow Verizon and Hum to know your concern so they may phase out the battery drain issue forever.

In this article, we have cited every critical element about the issue for your knowledge. We will be delighted if you pen down your query in the comments section so we can reach you out.

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  1. I have a new battery but I still get alerts about low battery draining. Please get back to me as I have a feeling it might be the hum device causing it. When I use the car it charges up again. 561-212-2810. The nechanices want me to leave the car for 3 days and that is a problem.

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