23 Most Common Verizon Error Codes (Meaning & Potential Solutions)

verizon error codes
verizon error codes

Verizon is a widely used mobile network service provider. Verizon has designed a wide range of network services, such as wireless internet, TV plans, internet plans, and phone services. However, the users have been receiving some error codes while using the Verizon services. With this article, we are sharing the common errors, their meaning, and what can be done to fix the errors!

Verizon Error Codes

1. Error Code 0000:

This is the first error code with Verizon, and it simply means success. In particular, it means that the transaction is completed successfully. However, it doesn’t require any solution or troubleshooting method.

2. Error Code 0101:

This error code means that the trouble report is already existing. It simply means that the trouble part is existing on the line circuit while using the Verizon network services. As for the solution, there is none because you don’t have to request the trouble report.

3. Error Code 0103:

The error code means that the mandatory attribute is missing. It means that the required attribute is missing from the set or the tag doesn’t have a value. In case you are using the groups, it will report the error at the group level. It usually appears when the conditional fields are used. That being said, for fixing this error code, one has to reboot the device.

4. Error Code 0104:

The error code means an invalid attribute value which means there is a failure in editing. It will list the DD tags only at the group level (not the individuals). It occurs with formatting errors. This error code can be fixed by inspecting the service lines and fixing them.

5. Error Code 0201:

The error code 0201 means that “no such object instance,” which means that the ticket is not available. This error will occur when users are using the modify, status inquiry, or close transactions feature. For fixing this error code, you have to contact Verizon customer support.

6. Error Code 0301:

The error code signals “cannot deny or verify at the moment.” To illustrate, it means that the ticket is in a clearing state, and users cannot make any changes. The error usually appears when the ticket being worked upon by the customer support representative of Verizon. This error code will go away automatically when the ticket is freed.

7. Error Code 0302:

Error code 0302 means the “can not close” option and means that the ticket cannot be closed by the users. It will also lead to trouble in closing down the pending tasks. As for the solution, the users have to connect with customer support.

8. Error Code 0303:

It means “trouble reporting the change/denied.” As for the meaning, it simply means that the ticket is in cleared state and no changed are needed. It seems pretty similar to error code 0301.

9. Error Code 0304:

This error code means that the line condition is not working, and the transaction has been denied. It appears as the working condition of line with the message. As far as the fix is concerned, there is a configuration issue and can be fixed by talking to technical support.

10. Error Code 0305:

The error code means that the line status or/and the circuit is pending, and the transaction has been denied. With this error code, the users won’t be able to create the trouble administration ticket. Generally, it happens when there are billing issues.

11. Error Code 1001:

The error code means that the processing is failed and has no value. It usually occurs with the timeout of the system. For fixing this issue, you just need to resubmit the transaction, and the error will go away.

12. Error Code 1002:

The error code represents the fall-back reporting. It simply means that the security error has been outlined by the computer system. In addition, it also means that the circuit hasn’t been detected. It occurs when the ID isn’t available in the records. It can be fixed by calling customer support and asking them to update the records.

13. Error Code 1003:

The error code means “resource limitation” and tends to occurs when the system functionality times out. The error is easy to fix since you just have to resubmit the transactions.

14. Error Code 1004:

This error code means the access failure as well as access denied. It also means that the security error has been identified by the system. It usually happens with the companies, and the company records need to be updated with Verizon.

15. Error Code 1005:

The code means the routing failure with which the users will be unable to direct the requests to the testing center. For fixing the error, you have to troubleshoot the service line.

16. Error Code 1006:

Error code 1006 is the invalid service recovery request attribute. It signified that the request was denied, and the internal circuit has PBX. We suggest that you send the service recovery requests again.

17. Error Code 1007:

The error code means that there is a commitment request failure. The error usually means that the request was denied (the commitment modify).

18. Error Code 1008:

This is the invalid DSL test request attribute. It simply means that the DSL test request was not allowed. It’s best to send the DSL test request again to fix this error code.

19. Error Code 1017:

The code means that the submitted transaction cannot be allowed and processes. If this error code appears, you have to contact the internet service provider.

20. Error Code 2001:

The error code means that the testing system functions are timing out. It will appear as “delphi time out” on display. The users will have to contact Verizon customer support.

21. Error Code 2004:

The error code means that the users cannot send the request to NSDB, and the center is invalid. It will appear. If you have this error code, you need to connect with the RETAS help desk.

22. Error Code 2007:

This error code means that the switch has timed out. However, this isn’t a severe issue and can be solved by resubmitting the system switch.

23. Error Code 2008:

The error code simply means that the switch doesn’t have a circuit. It might appear as an incomplete circuit inventory. It can be fixed by following for using the switch again.

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