4 Ways To Fix Verizon Disney Plus Not Working

verizon disney plus not working
verizon disney plus not working

Verizon is not just one of the extraordinary carriers out there, but they are offering tons of value-added services to sweeten the deal for their customers as well. The best thing about having Verizon is that they are offering some of the exclusive subscriptions as well and that would help you make the best value for your bucks.

Verizon also includes a Disney+ subscription as a part of your package and that can be used pretty conveniently. You just need to set it up properly and that allows you access to a premium Disney+ membership on your Verizon network. However, if it isn’t working for you. Here is how you can fix it.

How To Fix Verizon Disney Plus Not Working?

1. Check the Verizon Account

Well, the first thing that you can do is to make sure that it is enabled and that your Verizon account is active. This has worked most of the time and you are not going to face any sorts of issues with that. The drill is pretty simple, just open your Verizon account and go to subscriptions. Here, you will be able to make sure that your account has not been suspended due to any reason or if there are no issues.

You will also be able to see that if you have the right Disney+ subscription linked with your Verizon account and that is going to help you perfectly in activating the subscription.

2. Set it Up Again

You can also try setting it up again from very scratch if you are trying to set it up and it is not working for some reason. So, simply logout of your Verizon account and log back in. After that, you need to start over the setting up process and that is going to help you activate the Disney+ subscription perfectly. After you have set it once, it is highly unlikely that it will go bad again, and you are not going to face any sorts of problems with the subscription.

3. Get rid of VPN

Well, the subscription is active on your home network only and you cannot possibly use it on some other network or any other place. So, if you are trying that, then you should know that you need to access it on the home network only.

And, if you are using it on the home network and still it is not working out for some reason, then it must be a VPN or some other application that might be messing up with your network settings. So, check on that and disable any VPN application that might have been enabled on your device. That will help you sort out the problem perfectly. Make sure to restart your browser after you disable the VPN application.

4. Contact Verizon Support

If you have tried everything and nothing has worked out for you so far, you need to contact the Verizon support department and they will help you solve the problem for good. They will be able to diagnose the problem properly and fix it for good.

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