3 Ways To Fix Verizon MMS Not Working

verizon mms not working
verizon mms not working

Verizon has tons of services and that makes it the best choice for everyone to have. That includes excellent coverage for voice calls, text messages, the internet, and more. Basically, whatever might be the thing that you can be looking for from your cellphone carrier. Verizon would just add the best to it.

Their MMS services are one such thing that is loved by most and allows you to send multimedia messages over the cellphone network. That way, you can send out images, songs, videos, and more through the phone using your cellphone coverage. However, if it is not working, here is what you will need to do.

How To Fix Verizon MMS Not Working?

1. Check On The Settings

You need to start with the settings and that is the most important part. The basic thing is that these settings are installed separately for all the services including voice calls, text messages, and internet on your phone. If you have one of the latest phones, then settings will not be a problem for you and they are installed automatically. However, it would be better to reset the MMS settings to default and restart your phone once. After that, it will start working without any sort of issues at all.

However, if the settings are not there. You will need to contact Verizon and ask for their assistance to have this fixed. They will be able to send you the settings for your MMS and that is going to make it work perfectly for you. Just install the setting on your phone and restart it once. Check again and your MMS should be up and running.

2. Check The Coverage

The MMS is directly sent and received over the cellular network and if you are having any sort of issues with the cellular network coverage, then they are certainly not going to work for you. So, make sure that you are getting the right signal strength and that will help you deal with the MMS problem perfectly. You need to make sure that not only the signals are showing full, but you have the coverage to send or receive MMS as well.

You can try out toggling between the airplane mode on and off to have it working and that will help you clear out any issues that you might be having with the network by triggering an alert again. Afterward, you will not have any sort of issues with the MMS again.

3. Contact Verizon

The best way to have it solved if nothing else is working out for you is to contact Verizon and they will help you look into the matter more thoroughly. To start with, your account needs to have the activation for MMS.

Once you take care of that, you will also need to ensure that everything else is in order and the plan you are using has the right resources available for MMS. Moreover, they will also be able to diagnose if there is some other issue with your phone or account and have it fixed properly for you.

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