4 Common Twitch TV Error Codes With Solutions

twitch tv error codes
twitch tv error codes

Live streaming has become the ultimate choice for people who want to watch channels and games. For this purpose, people use Twitch TV to meet their needs. To be honest, Twitch TV is one of the best live streaming platforms, but there are multiple error codes. This is why people keep talking about Twitch TV error codes, and we are talking about their solutions in this article!

Twitch TV Error Codes

1) Error Code 2000

Opera GX

The first solution for this error code is downloading and using Opera GX. This is because this browser is stable and doesn’t have bugs. That being said, this browser should optimize the streaming experience and is available for free. To illustrate, this is a special Opera browser version that can enhance the browsing and gaming experience. Moreover, it will improve the speed while reducing lag.

The Internet Connection

If downloading Opera GX doesn’t help fix the error code, we suggest that you check the internet connection. For this reason, you have to improve the internet speed by rebooting the wireless router or modem. Secondly, you can disable proxy and VPN for improving the internet connection. Moreover, we suggest that you flush the DNS of your device.

Browser’s Cache

In case the error code 2000 is still appearing on Twitch TV, you have to delete the browser’s cache. To be honest, it’s a viable option because the browsers tend to store data, along with cache and cookies. That being said, you have to clear up the cache to ensure a faster internet connection.

2) Error Code 3000 

Clear The Cache & History

The error code 3000 with Twitch TV occurs whenever the browser is puled p with cache and internet history. This piled-up data can result in a slow internet connection, hence the error code. For this reason, we suggest that you clear the cache and internet history. For deleting the cache and internet history, you have to check the settings of your browser.

Third-Party Cookies

Yes, we are talking about enabling the third-party cookies on the browser to fix the error code 3000. To enable the third-party cookies, you need to press the cookie button with a red X sign on it. Then, click on “allow the website to set cookies” and enter the Twitch URL. Now, just hit the enter button and reboot the browser. As a result, the error will be fixed, and you will be able to stream Twitch TV without any errors.

Hardware Accelerator

To begin with, you have to switch off the hardware accelerator of your device to fix this error code 3000. For switching it off, you need to open the Settings, scroll down to the advanced tab and open the system. From the system tab, disable the option, “use the hardware acceleration when it’s available.” Once you disable the hardware accelerator, close the Google Chrome app and open it again after a few seconds to try Twitch TV.

3) Error Code 0x10331196

People who use Twitch TV with Microsoft, they often struggle with this error code. Truth be told, nobody knows the reason for this error code, but we certainly have the solution. That being said, the solution is to reset the MAC address and reboot the console. We understand that you don’t want to play with MAC address, but it’s important if you want to fix error code 0x10331196. Also, when you delete the MAC address, don’t forget to restart/reboot the console.

4) Error Code 1000 

The error code 1000 with Twitch TV occurs when there are cookie issues. For instance, if the browser has saved a bad cookie, it will result in this error code and other streaming errors. Generally, people are expected to delete all the cookies from the browser, but you can also try deleting the Twitch cookies only. However, we personally suggest clearing all the cookies because it’s a convenient option for you.

In addition to deleting the cookies, you can also update the browser version. That’s to say because an outdated browser version can cause this error code. For the most part, people use Google Chrome, but you have to update whichever internet browser that you are using. Last but not least, you can also reset the internet browser to delete all corrupt settings and data that are causing this error.

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