Is It Possible To Transfer Recordings From Hopper To Hopper 3?

transfer recordings from hopper to hopper 3
transfer recordings from hopper to hopper 3

Dish is one of the most widely used network across the US as it has so many exciting features to offer. It is the best possible thing that you can get to enjoy the perfect stability, better streaming and faster TV experience with crystal clear quality on the audio and video.

Not only that, but it also offers DVRs of its own named Hopper that will help you perfectly to ensure that you are not missing out on anything.

Hopper and Hopper 3

Hopper is the basic DVR that you get from Dish TV subscription and it comes with pretty enticing features on it as well. Hopper 3 is the better and more advanced version of the Hopper and it is the perfect thing that you can get for the current times to enhance the DVR experience for you and enjoy the best edge of streaming on any device that you might have.

These Hopper DVRs also allow you to record the live streaming and that would be the perfect thing for you to enjoy. These recording files are stored directly on the Hopper and it comes with pretty extensive storage as well.

If you wish to transfer the stored files from one Hopper to Hopper 3, it is entirely possible. A few things that you will need to do in order to make it work and you need to know about them are:

Is It Possible To Transfer Recordings From Hopper To Hopper 3?

The first question that would pop in your mind is that if it is possible for you to ensure transferring these files from one Hopper to another Hopper such as Hopper 3 in this case, and yes, it is entirely possible.

You get different ports on Dish Hopper 3 that allow you to have the best possible connectivity on the Hopper 3 and not only that, but you will also be getting the ways to transfer the stored videos and recordings from a hopper and play them on another hopper. Here is how you can do it without getting any major troubles.

How to Achieve this?

If you need to know how you can achieve this, there is not much that you need to be worried about. First way to get this done is through a USB and you just have to plug in an empty USB into your hopper and then backup your recordings on the Hopper.

Once you get that sorted out, you can easily plugin the USB stick to the Hopper 3 and click on the restore recordings button in the menu. After that, your recordings from the Hopper will be accessible on the Hopper 3 without any problems at all.

Another way to get this sorted out is to use an Ethernet cable, but that is a bit complicated as both of your Hopper devices need to be close to each other. You need to connect them both using the Ethernet cable, and after that you just have to access the menu and click Restore Recordings on Hopper 3 to access all the recordings on Hopper 3.

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