7 Ways To Fix TP-Link Router Disconnects Frequently Problem

tp link router disconnects frequently
tp link router disconnects frequently

TP-Link is one of the most major brands that manufacture and distribute Wi-Fi routers. Their routers are renowned all over the world due to their quality and efficiency. There are several ISPs that are using TP-Link routers for their consumers to have the Wi-Fi service, or you can also buy these routers directly from a tech store or online. If you are having a TP-Link router causing some issues for you and disconnecting frequently for your home or office network, here are a few troubleshooting steps that you can follow.

TP-Link Router Disconnects Frequently

1) Check your connection

The first logical step for you is to check your Ethernet connection. It should be done by plugging your cable that is connected with the router to an ethernet device directly. It would make the troubleshooting process easier for you as you will know if you need to focus on the ethernet connection or the router itself.

2) If it disconnects on Ethernet

If you are facing the same issues on ethernet as well, that means the issue lies with your connection and not the router. Here are a few things that you will need to do in such a case.

3) Inspect Cable and Connector

You will need to ensure that your cable or connector is not damaged at any point. If your cable is worn off, it can cause some connectivity issues upon heating up. A sharply bent or pressed cable is not good either and you will need to replace that. Also, make sure that your connection is plugged in properly and there are no damages to it as well. This would solve the issue for you most of the time.

4) Contact ISP

If you are unable to find a viable reason for this and are still facing the issue, you will need to contact your ISP and have them diagnose the issue for you. Your ISP will not only diagnose but fix the issue for you as well.

5) If it works fine on Ethernet

If your connection is working fine on directly plugging the ethernet cable to a device. That means the problem lies within your router and you will need to fix it. Here are a few things that you can do to make it work.

6) Restart your router

Routers can get stuck in some settings and develop an error that would cause them to get disconnected every once in a while. Unplug the router from the power outlet and plug it back in to restart the router. This would reboot all the hardware components on your router and it should work for you.

7) Reset to default settings

Another thing that you can do if restarting does not work for you is to reset the router to its default settings. This would change any preferences such as a metered connection or DNS server settings that can be causing the issue. Resetting your router would solve the issue for you most of the time and you can start using the Internet like before without any errors.

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  1. its funny. my old router worked fine. I plugged the TP router up, started my PC and have had issues. I got pissed off with the TP and plugged my old Linksys and have not had an issue with it in two days. The only thing this article covered or stated was that my connection might not be working… nope that not the issue. would love to hear other options of why the TP router will not work correctly.

  2. My toilet paper link works great to stream tv and movies all day and night but as soon as I use my windows 10 laptop it disconnects at least 4-5 times per hour and I have to power cycle the TP link.

    The laptop is less than 2 feet from the wireless router and the cable modem shows active signal.

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