Compare T-Mobile One vs Simple Choice

tmobile one vs simple choice
tmobile one vs simple choice

In 2016 T-Mobile launched their new data plan replacing their older one simple choice. Many of their subscribers chose to stay on the same package however some of them decided to enjoy the new benefits.


T-Mobile decided for their new and current postpaid customers that they must enjoy the One plan that makes it easier for them to decide the data plan and the plan name is T-mobile One. The name of the plan is according to its nature because they have provided different families with only one plan so they don’t have to purchase individually.

The new program will officially replace all the previous ones. It comes with an unlimited data plan which has a lot of restrictions and turns out to be not as unlimited as it seems. The word unlimited will make you feel good and flexible however you must also be aware of all the restrictions that you have to follow otherwise your plan will become costly for you.

T-Mobile Simple Choice

The T-Mobile simple choice is a simple data plan according to its name and has different limits for different prices. However, this data plan comes without any restriction, unlike the T-Mobile one plan. For example, if you purchase 50 GB of data then you can enjoy HD video as much as you want within that data range.

T-Mobile also gave a bonus to their simple choice customers by doubling their data plans. For example, if you have purchased a 2GB data plan then it has now turned to 4GB. The simple choice comes in different Rangers with different rates, for example, a $50 simple choice that has 2GB internet available in 4G LTE however at $65 you can avail of 6GB internet at 4G LTE.

Simple choice got upgraded with an unlimited data plan, and for those upgraded customers they also provided a binge-one initiative. However, they restricted the video to only 480 pixels which quite ruins the movie quality.

T-Mobile One

According to their actual pricing in T-Mobile One plan, you have different rates as the line number of a family increases. For example, you decide to take 4 to 5 lines then the first line of your package will cost you $70 however the second one will cost you a little cheaper. Your 2nd line will be costing you around $50.

The price dropdowns, even more, when you go for a third line. You will only have to pay $20 if you go further from the 3rd to the 8th line. T-Mobile is calling their One program a simple one however the complication is you will have to purchase a lot of Add-ons to avail of the functionality you were given by your previous plans.

The plan might be unlimited but it will restrict your functionality when you are using it. One plan can also cost you for turning off video data throttling for example if you want to watch an HD video then you will have to pay an extra $25.

Difference Between T-Mobile One vs Simple Choice

Binge On


  • If you are using one and you want to share tethering then it is throttled to only 2G which makes it quite useless.
  • Simple choice has no restriction for tethering.


  • If you want to watch HD videos using your One plan then you will have to pay an additional $25.
  • The simple choice does not require a high price for watching HD videos.


  • T-Mobile One Plan comes with unlimited data with a few restrictions
  • The simple joys come in different data plans according to the price without any restrictions.


  • The T-Mobile One plan upgraded to one plus with better features
  • The T-Mobile Simple Choice plan got upgraded with a binge-on initiative that you can avail 24 hours.

However, the T-Mobile Simple Choice has a lot to offer to its users, the Tmobile one is the best among both.

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