4 Ways To Deal With Eero Beacon Night Light Not Working

eero beacon night light not working
eero beacon night light not working

Eero routers have become a benchmark in the networking industry given the advanced features and mesh system. The mesh system makes the eero routers suitable for optimizing internet connectivity and increasing the overall internet coverage. However, the eero Beacon nightlight not working is a common concern put forward by the users, and we are sharing how it can be resolved!

Eero Beacon Night Light Not Working

1. Turned Off

To begin with, the nightlight is placed on the bottom of the eero router, and it is turned off by default through the smartphone app. The beacon is designed with two lights – one light is integrated on the front side while the other one is on the bottom, which is known as a nightlight. That being said, the nightlight is usually turned off from the eero app, which is why the light doesn’t turn on. You can open the eero app to turn it on.

For this purpose, you have to open the eero app, choose the beacon option from the home screen, and there will be an LED button. It has to be toggled to switch on and off the LED light. Under this setting, you will be able to find nightlight and will have three settings, such as off, schedule, and ambient. The offsetting means that the nightlight will be switched off at all times. In addition, the ambient means that the nightlight will be adjusted according to the room’s darkness.

Last but not least, the schedule setting means that the nightlight will switch on during a specific period. Having said that, you should use the ambient option to make sure the nightlight is turned on and adjusts itself according to the darkness level in your room.

2. Use The Button

In addition to turning on the nightlight from the eero app, you can also try the button on the eero beacon to turn the light off or on. For the most part, the nightlight button will be on the outer side of the beacon (look on the sides) and toggle it to switch the nightlight.

3. Light has Malfunctioned

If you have already tried switching on the nightlight with the button or smartphone app, but the light is not switching on, there are high chances that there is something wrong with the light itself – it could be fused. In particular, if it happens when you have been using the eero beacon for a long time or if there are voltage fluctuations in your home. That being said, you should call the technician or electrician for fixing the light, or he could replace the nightlight. Also, make sure that the voltages are streamlined (you can get a voltage regulator) or ask the electricity provider.

4. Customer Support

The last thing that you can do is to call customer support if these solutions don’t work. The eero customer support will be able to offer technical troubleshooting or beacon replacement to make sure the nightlight keeps working. In particular, eero will offer the beacon replacement if the device is still in warranty.

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