6 Ways To Fix CenturyLink Spam Filter Not Working

centurylink spam filter not working
centurylink spam filter not working

Emails have become the easiest mode of communication on a personal level. Similarly, CenturyLink users are using mail servers for using the email services. Also, CenturyLink has a special spam filter that helps keep away the spam emails.

On the contrary, people often complain about the CenturyLink spam filter not working but we have got you covered with the fixes!

How To Fix CenturyLink Spam Filter Not Working?

1. Maybe, It’s Not Spam

First of all, what you are considering the spam is not spam in eyes of CenturyLink. So, you must determine if the emails are actually spam or if it’s the junk email. Keep in mind that spam emails will always be labeled as spam, so if the label is not there, it’s not spam. In this case, you can simply block emails from that address. On the contrary, the email is spam and is landing in your inbox, try the troubleshooting methods listed below!

2. Not Spam Is Marked Spam

The most probable cause that spam emails are landing in the inbox you’ve marked spam to the emails that don’t spam. When using CenturyLink, it tends to block the images and attachments when the junk mail is opened. Similarly, such emails will have banners that email is junk. So, you might need to check the settings and make sure that spam settings are correct (be precise with settings!).

3. Unsubscribe Link

If you had the spam email with a link and opened it, it might be causing the issue. This is because such links can remove the filters and spam the email. So, the only way to eliminate this issue is by unsubscribing all the links from the browser links. In addition, you can also use the antivirus programs on your device to scan the errors and get rid of viruses, if any.

4. Block

Yes, we are talking about blocking the sender. The spam emails that are landing in your email box are sent through a specific email address. For the same reason, you should block the email sender and they will not be able to send any messages/emails again. This is not a way of fixing the spam filter issue but it’s a temporary fix to help you get rid of spam.

5. New Spam Method

In some cases, your spam filter on CenturyLink might be working alright but it’s the spam method that’s new. This is because people can now use different email protocol iterations that help trespass the spam filter. In addition, some of them write emails in a new manner that isn’t considered spam by CenturyLink. Lastly, there are chances that the email address of the whitelisted user has been compromised.

6. Message Filter

If you are still receiving spam emails in your email account, there are chances that you have set up the filter that’s causing the issue. For instance, if there is a filter that’s purposed for catching the important mails or starred mails, it might get some spam as well. This is why it’s best that you remain vigilant about the message filter settings.

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