4 Ways To Fix Tablo Quad Slow Internet Issue

tablo quad slow internet
tablo quad slow internet

Most of the devices out there are going wireless and they are being used for tons and tons of applications that were never possible before. All this allows you to have the right edge of getting yourself the best services and convenience without involving yourself in the mess of wires and all that kind of stuff. Tablo Quad is one such device that is essentially a DVR, but it works without any wires at all. This allows you to have better quality of TV streaming experience.

It comes with all the belts and whistles attached and can work with the USB interface, Wi-Fi or ethernet. Not only that, but there are also some great features linked with the Tablo Quad. It works out pretty great and you will be loving the experience with these Tablo Quad DVRs if you are coming from those traditional set-top boxes. Optimization without any wires is the best thing of all, and the only cable that is mandatory to get it done is the power cable. The speed is pretty great as well, but if there are some speed issues, here is how you can fix them:

Tablo Quad Slow Internet

1) Check on the Internet

While it is not something that will bother you most of the times, but sometimes this can be the only reason that is making you face inconveniences with the internet. Before you get into the troubleshooting steps and change something that is already fine, you need to make sure that you are getting the right internet speed that is required in order to make it work for you. It is pretty simple and you need to check the Ethernet connection first. To do that, just plug some laptop or PC with an ethernet port on the DSL cable directly.

Once connected, you will have to run the speed test on the network and make sure that it is in the right order. If the speed is lower, or you are getting a high ping, that is a problem that you need to take on with your ISP. However, if the speed is good, and you are facing some issues with the working or internet access on Tablo Quad, here are a few things that you will have to take care of.

2) Disable DHCP

You will have to disable the DHCP on the router if you are running it on the Wi-Fi and you are getting some problems with the speed. This problem is usually caused due to some communication problems between the router and your Tablo Quad device.

DHCP is the internet protocol that keeps assigning new IP Addresses to all the devices that are connected to your network. You will simply have to disable the DHCP, so the IP Addresses that are assigned to your devices and Tablo Quad as well. That is going to help you out in the perfect manner and you will not have to face any speed issues with the internet on your Tablo Quad device.

3) Reconnect

Another possible thing that you can do in case the speed problem persist on your Wi-Fi network while connecting to the Tablo Quad device is some temporary bug and it should be fixed easily. To do that, you will simply have to disconnect the Tablo Quad from your Wi-Fi network and then connect it again on the same network. This is going to solve the problem most of the times for you and you will not have to worry about any sorts of issues with the internet speed like buffering, or low quality of video while streaming the TV on your Tablo Quad devices.

4) Internet Traffic

Internet Traffic is also a big factor that might be causing you to have this slow speed issue on the Tablo Quad device. You will have to check on all the devices and make sure that you don’t have any large files being downloaded or uploaded on any of these devices. That will help you in ensuring that Tablo Quad devices are getting the right speed and bandwidth that they require to work optimally. You will have to check on devices and if there are some devices connected that are not in use, you should better disconnect them to solve the problem.

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