T-Mobile Server Unreachable: 4 Ways To Fix

t mobile server unreachable
t mobile server unreachable

T-Mobile has one of the strongest and largest networks all over the world including the US and Canada. While their network is pretty strong and there are not any major issues with the network. It is totally not foolproof and there are possibilities of errors at their end as well.

Similarly, you can mess it up with the optimization settings and that can cause you to have problems with the connectivity over the network eventually. This should not be a big deal for you to fix if you are getting any errors such as “T-Mobile Server Unreachable” and here is how you can fix this.

T-Mobile Server Unreachable

1) Restart the phone

Sometimes the problem can be as simple as your phone getting stuck due to some error with the connectivity or a bug might be stopping your phone to be connected over the network. This is not a big deal to cover and can be fixed easily with a simple restart on your phone.

Just turn your phone off once and let it sit there for a minute or two. After that, you need to turn it back on and that is going to trigger a request again on the network to be connected with it. This will fix up the problem most of the time and the error you are seeing on the top of your screen saying “Server Unreachable” will be gone and you can have the right access.

Be mindful that you don’t need to click on the restart button on your phone but instead you need to turn it off by clicking on turn-off device and then start it over from scratch to have an optimal solution to the problem.

2) Reset network settings

Another thing that can mess things up for you with the network is that if you are using settings that are not set automatically by the network. Be mindful of any applications that might need access to the network settings as they will be modifying something in the network settings such as VPN, proxies, or their own access ports and that will eventually cause issues for you such as the server will not be reachable.

So, what you will need to do here is to reset the network settings to default. You should also click on the box saying automatic network selection and save the settings. Afterward, a restart wouldn’t hurt anything and that will solve the problem for you for good.

3) Change your location

Well, while their network is pretty strong, there are some remote areas that might not get the same connectivity as you might be getting in a city and that is understandable. So, change your location and try going to someplace at a height where you can have more signals and that will make T-Mobile Servers reachable on your phone.

4) Contact T-Mobile

If you have tried everything and you are still not able to make it work, it is time for you to contact T-Mobile and they will be able to diagnose and fix the issue for you for good.

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