6 Ways To Fix STARZ Error Starting The Application

starz error starting application
starz error starting application

If you want to have a good streaming experience, you should be aware of the disadvantages of streaming platforms. Speaking of which, whether a streaming platform is average or top-tier, they all have their own set of flaws.

It is unlikely that you will find a streaming service that provides perfect performance, but in some cases, the margin of error is relatively small.

Some of the most common issues that users have reported are playback issues, connection issues, loading errors, and app -performance errors.

STARZ Error Starting The Application:

STARZ is a popular streaming service that offers a diverse library of shows to choose from. However, due to increased demand, it has recently experienced streaming issues.

Though the nature of these issues is similar, you may not need to perform any extraordinary troubleshooting to resolve them.

Typically, a good restart or reinstallation of the app can resolve your streaming issues, but if the discussion becomes heated, STARZ professionals and technicians are on hand to assist.

This article will discuss a similar error, the STARZ error when starting the application. What does this problem imply? It means that you are unable to access or launch the STARZ app due to a software malfunction.

So, if you’ve been wondering about this, we’ve got you covered. We’ll go over some troubleshooting steps for the STARZ starting application error.

  1. Re-Install The App:

Why is it necessary to reinstall the STARZ app? Many users will ask this question, and the answer is that when you install any app on your device, there is a chance that improper or partial installation will result in such errors in your apps.

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If you install the app but are unable to start or open it, it means that the installation failed or that a portion of the software is corrupted.

This occurs when you attempt to install the most recent app on a device whose software is not up to date. Alternatively, you may have unintentionally installed an older/corrupted version of the app on your device.

This will result in errors in the functionality and performance of your app, as well as difficulties starting it.

This is easily resolved if you first update the software on your device to the most recent version. After that, uninstall the STARZ app from your device by going to settings and deleting any corresponding junk files and app cache.

Now, go to the app store and download the most recent version of the STARZ app. You can confirm the version on the official STARZ website and begin installing it on your device.

  1. Quality Of Your Network Connection:

When reinstalling the STARZ app on your device, you must ensure that your internet connection is stable and consistent.

No Internet Connection Identified

When we discussed partial app installation, the main cause of this error is an unstable network. In that case, if your app is in the process of installation and your network connection stutters.

It will disrupt the installation process and may corrupt some parts. This will give you the initial error. As a result, make certain that you install the app on a network that is stable and provides a consistent connection.

Many people would go to an LTE network for installing the app if their Wi-Fi is problematic. In that case, you have to make sure you have enough data that the STARZ app can install easily.

  1. Force Stop And Re-Login To The App:

Force-stopping an app can assist you in removing the possibility of bad requests for the STARZ app. If the app has been idle for an extended period, it may fail to respond.

So, go to your device’s settings and select the STARZ app. When you press the force stop button, all of the STARZ processes that are running in the background will come to a halt.


After your app has stopped, refresh and clear the background apps. Now, go to your app and sign out as soon as it launches.

You must do this even if you believe the app has resumed normal operation following the force stop. When you arrive at the login page. Sign in to your account by entering your account credentials again.

This will help you with the STARZ starting errors. And you will see a major improvement in the functionality of the app.

  1. Check The STARZ Server:

If the aforementioned steps do not help you resolve the STARZ app’s starting problems, the problem may be at the company’s end. Speaking of which, there may be a server outage right now.

As a result, your app is not functioning properly. If it does not start, the server may be undergoing maintenance or is currently unavailable.

This can cause your app to not start, and if it does start, you may not be able to stream content. So go to the STARZ website and look for any severe outages for STARZ right now.

If so, the error is at the company’s end. So you will have to wait until the company resolves the issue and the server is backed up and running.

  1. Try A Different Device:

The device you’re attempting to open the STARZ app on may be broken. It is possible that the device is incompatible with the app or that it does not support it.

Changing to a different device may help. For example, if you are watching STARZ on a streaming box, try switching to a PC or laptop, or if you are watching STARZ on a smartphone, try switching to a smart TV.


If the app is running on a different device, check for errors on the previous device.

  1. Contact Customer Support:

If none of the solutions work for you, there is a technical error or a configuration problem with the device or the STARZ app.

For a better understanding of the problem, it is best to consult with technicians and professionals. All you have to do is go to the STARZ website and submit your question there.

You can also call them directly at 855-247-9175. They will investigate the problem and notify you of any necessary solutions.

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