Starlink Mesh Router Review – Is It Good?

starlink mesh router review
starlink mesh router review

Mesh topologies are an excellent way to route data from multiple clients and make client-to-network communication far more efficient and consistent. Starlink Mesh routers perform a similar function of optimizing your networking experience even in unreachable or far-flung areas. Even though Starlink routers have limited routing capabilities, Mesh routers can provide you with strong and reliable connections.

Since you’ve been asking for a detailed review of the Starlink Mesh router, we’ll go over some of its features and compatibility with the Starlink satellite network and discuss whether or not it should be your choice for a better and consistent network.

Starlink Mesh Router Review

  1. Features:

Mesh routers are an excellent way to improve network speed and coverage, and the Starlink Mesh routers are an excellent addition to your satellite network. These routers are very simple to set up and do not require any complicated installation procedures. In that regard, you can easily set them up by placing them on tables or plugging them into the wall. Furthermore, using the Starlink app, you can quickly pair the clients with the Mesh router. For busy users, it’s fairly simple. Starlink Mesh routers/nodes also provide the benefit of wired connections, allowing you to connect to a wired device from anywhere in the node and connect to your Ethernet devices.

If you have previously used a Wi-Fi Mesh router, you are probably aware of how it affects the overall speed of your network. Having said that, the Starlink Mesh router optimizes speed throughout your home, making it a dependable option. You can now have a fast and consistent network throughout your home.

  1. Design:

Given the Starlink Mesh router, it has a sleek design and a rectangular dish that adds a more modern touch. The exterior of these routers/nodes is an elegant yet simple white. In terms of hardware, they are fairly simple to use because you simply plug them in and they are ready to use. They are not complicated systems; all you have to do is connect the necessary devices, and the simple implementation will allow your Mesh node to discover and connect to nearby devices.

  1. Ethernet Adapter:

Another advantage of the Starlink Mesh router is that it includes Ethernet adapters. This means you can expect fast internet speeds with a Mesh wired connection. Connect your Ethernet devices to the router via a wired connection by plugging in the Starlink Ethernet adapter.

  1. Limitations:

Starlink Mesh routers are an excellent way to improve the strength of your home internet, but they do have some limitations. Speaking of which, you cannot monitor your device usage information, which is a disadvantage because users like to know how much internet each device is using. Furthermore, you cannot give your devices custom names. So, if your device’s manufacturer has given a device a difficult name, you might not be able to change it to your liking

Even though a Mesh system is faster than a basic network system, it is a significant compromise if you do not have management access to your network. In addition, you cannot manage your devices on a Starlink Mesh router, nor can you limit the bandwidth usage for a specific device.

  1. Capacity:

The capacity and range of your network are greatly increased because the Starlink Mesh router system can accommodate three Mesh nodes with the router. Furthermore, you can connect up to 128 devices to your Starlink Mesh system, which is ideal for users who have multi-story buildings or levels in their homes.

The Final Verdict:

Great devices are reasonably priced. A typical Mesh network system will cost you $130 per month, which is quite expensive for the average person, but the increased capacity, range, and speed have made it a good investment. Going with a standard Starlink router would be a compromise to your networking experience if you have a large home networking setup. So, if money isn’t an issue, the Starlink Mesh router and Mesh nodes are a great way to improve your home networking experience.

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