Spectrum Cable Box 110 Review

spectrum 110 cable box review
spectrum 110 cable box review

When it comes to cable TV, Spectrum is a trusted name in the market. It has different TV packages and TV boxes available that you can use to connect to Cable TV. Here’s a Spectrum 110 Cable Box review along with a brief overview of the Spectrum Cable TV.

Spectrum Cable Box 110 Review:

Spectrum 110 Cable Box provides encrypted programming that ensures high-quality digital services to the customers. Spectrum 110 Cable Box comes with a power cord, a remote control, an HDMI cable, coax cables, and a coax splitter. In addition, you will also find the instructions manual inside the box.

Setting up Spectrum 110 Cable Box is quite easy. The first thing you will need to do is to connect one end of a coax cable to a cable outlet and the other end of the cable to the cable box. Just in case you have the same cable outlet for the TV receiver and modem, you will have to use the coax splitter. However, if you are not using the same outlet for modem and cable TV, then you can directly connect the cable box to the outlet.

After connecting the coax cable, you will need to connect one end of the HDMI cable to the cable box and the other end to the television. Lastly, connect the power cable with the cable box and plug it into a power outlet. Once the power is plugged, the cable box will come to life.

Spectrum recommends that you do not put anything on top of the cable box. It can cause problems with the quality of the cable TV.  After setting up the cables and turning on the cable box, use the remote control to update the receiver. To do that, turn on your TV. Now select the HDMI connection for cable box using the input or the source on the TV. You will see a screen titled “Firmware Upgrade in Progress”. The cable box will download the upgrade and get updated. The cable box will automatically turn off, after the upgrade. Turn it on and activate the receiver.

Spectrum 110 Cable Box is quite easy to install thanks to the installation manual provided with the device. It ensures high-quality cable reaches your home and you enjoy high-quality digital channels without any interruption.

Spectrum TV has three different packages. Each package has a different price and differs from others in the number of channels offered. The first package is known as the Spectrum TV Select which is available for $44.99 and offers 125 channels. The second package is known as Spectrum TV Silver. It is available for $69.99 and it offers 175 channels. Lastly, we have the Spectrum TV Gold which is available for $89.99 and offers 200 plus channels. The prices are for the first 12 months. Spectrum also offers internet services and you can bundle any one of these packages with the Spectrum Internet that is available for an additional $45.

Now let’s talk a little about the pros and cons of Spectrum Cable TV. As far as the pros of Spectrum Cable TV are concerned, the biggest advantage is that you don’t get bound by a contract. Spectrum does not require you to have a contract for the Cable TV. If you are not satisfied with the service or if you are moving to a different place, you can cancel the service without having to pay any additional charges. Another great advantage of Spectrum TV is that it has quite a few premium channels. Also, you get to enjoy many HD channels.

Like all operators, Spectrum also has a few cons associated with it. However, they are outnumbered by the advantages. One of the biggest weaknesses of Spectrum is that it has limited area availability. Another major disadvantage of Spectrum is that it had some issues with the DVR availability in the past. Although most of those issues have been solved, there are a few customers that are still not satisfied with the DVR provided.

The bottom line is that Spectrum 110 Cable Box is worth it if you are looking for high-quality cable service. With easy installation, great customer service, and availability of hundreds of high-quality channels, Spectrum is a decent choice in the market.

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  1. Dislike the Spectrum 110 cable box, I am not able to set program reminders. Also, I have to play with the power buttons on the remote to get my TV to work.

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