CinemaNow vs VUDU: What’s The Difference?

cinemanow vs vudu
cinemanow vs vudu

Both of these brands are on-demand internet streaming media platforms that can allow you to watch different movies and TV shows. With these, you can watch web series and different movies on your mobile devices including Android and IOS. You can also use this platform for PlayStation and Xbox game consoles.

These brands provide you with videos that are available for download and DVD burning both.


CinemaNow works with all of its products including on-demand videos download and Burn movies along with video content. This company distributes its video content through the website to its customers. It is one of the most leading brands and has all authorized content. This company has worked a lot to develop and evolve the traditional film studio distribution system into an online movie distribution system. The charges are divided by the company into geographical borders and will vary accordingly.

CinemaNow can offer you a vast and extensive library of hundreds of premium video content that you can either purchase or rent. You can watch newly released movies that will be available for you on the same day as Blu-ray and sometimes even a day earlier than that. You can also watch different TV shows and programs. It can make you a catalog of all the popular and classic movies and it will not even cost you some extra amount for this offer.

For content owners, CinemaNow is worth all the trust, because the content owners are assured that their content will not be accessed by anyone else who hasn’t paid for the content. However, the company has got a better plan than Geographic rights management and that is they have allowed pay per view for the online content. CinemaNow incorporated NetAcuity into the PatchBay platform which has made their distributor partners more confident about the right being protected and made CinemaNow a more reliable company.


Vudu is one of the best stores for watching all the latest movies and your favorite top TV shows at any time and anywhere in the World on their website This company does not require any subscription for any contract if you want to use their service. You can enjoy their stunning quality videos along with exciting new movies at your home without having a contract with them. You only have to download the content and watch it on your mobile device easily. You can rent or purchase the content from the Vudu company easily from above 100,000 titles.

You can also watch various movies free of cost with the option Vudu movies on us. You have to pay nothing with this free offer of Vudu. Movies from thousands of genres are available on Vudu free movies and TV. Vudu shows you that you can watch movies before they are released on Blu Ray Netflix and Redbox. Vudu works with all kinds of devices and can play your favorite movie on your favorite device easily. You can also turn your DVD or Blu-ray into digital movies with the option provided by would do that is disk to digital.

You can convert your content easily with your Vudu app on your mobile phone. The best part is you can take your Vudu application anywhere and watch your favorite movie in any part of the world hassle-free. On free option, Vudu provides you with movies, TV series, and a library for family and kids. They can provide you with different types of stores, including rental stores, Action stores, franchise stores, deals stores, kids stores, and horror stores.

CinemaNow vs VUDU: Whats The Difference?


  • Vudu has a better interface as compared to the cinema now interface.
  • CinemaNow has a good interface but not better than Vudu.


  • Vudu offers a larger amount of content as compared to CinemaNow.
  • CinemaNow offers thousands of content but it not as huge as Vudu


  • Using Vudu is easier than using most of the streaming providers.
  • CinemaNow is also easy to use.


  • Vudu is cost-effective and very pocket friendly as well.
  • CinemaNow is not as cost-effective and cheap as Vudu.


  • Vudu can be the perfect one for streaming through PS3 and PS4.

CinemaNow is also good for streaming through PS3 and PS4.

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