3 Ways To Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM 2 AT&T

sim not provisioned mm 2 at&t
sim not provisioned mm 2 at&t

If mobile is considered as the body, then the SIM card is the soul of that body. In this world, when we need a mobile phone most of the time and become an everyday necessity, it will be hard to think of a moment when you cannot use your mobile phone. Then things get worse when you come to know that this is because of the SIM.

Recently, AT&T users reported that a notification is popping up, saying SIM not provisioned MM 2. It is hard to resolve and need professionalism to be done correctly. So, for our readers, we have brought some professional techniques to resolve such issues. What you need to do is follow this article.

How To Fix SIM Not Provisioned MM 2 AT&T

There are hundreds of methods that you can use to resolve such kind of issues. You are here reading this article; you will be enriched with some of the best methods to troubleshoot this problem. If you are stuck in resolving such issues, keep on scrolling, and below, you will find a way to overcome your problem.

1. SIM Is Suspended of Inactivated 

One of the most common reasons that will cause such an issue is that your SIM is suspended. We certainly know that we need to activate our SIM before using it, and for this, we do all the required things. But, when the SIM is suspended, you hardly get to know about it.

So, if you’re facing issues related to the SIM provision, then try calling the AT&T customer care center and explain the problem to them. If the SIM is suspended, they will ask you to do the necessary, and you will enjoy a correctly working SIM.

2. Restart The Phone And Reinsert The SIM

The easiest way to resolve mm2 and SIM provision issues is by restarting the phone. It works most of the time and is considered one of the perfectly working methods. So, before doing anything else, give a restart to your mobile phone.

If this does not work, restarting the phone, taking out the SIM card, reinserting it, and restarting your phone. It will help you troubleshoot your issue only if there are no issues related to your SIM card. If there’re problems with the SIM card, then either try the first method or visit the nearest AT&T store.

3. Call Your Service Provider

If those mentioned above methods do not works for you (which hardly happens), what you need to do is call the AT&T customer care center and let them know about your issue and all the methods that you have tried. They will help you to resolve your issue in the best possible manner.


In short, we have provided you with every possible troubleshooting method that you needed to resolve your issue. The article will allow you to resolve your issue with minimum efforts placed. So, follow the article to the end to get your issues resolved.

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