How To Fix Norton WiFi Compromised?

norton wifi compromised
norton wifi compromised

Norton is a well-reputed security and VPN service provider, and they have designed a specialized Norton WiFi Privacy for internet users. This privacy has gained importance because the percentage of security threats has increased significantly. With Norton WiFi Privacy, the users get bank-grade encryption on their network, promising fewer threats to information and devices.

Norton WiFi Compromised

Norton has designed an app as well. However, for some time, Norton security displays “Norton WiFi compromised.” If you are struggling with a similar issue, we have added some troubleshooting methods in this article, promising the ultimate protection!

Updating Norton Mobile Security

If the WiFi compromised prompt is popping up for the app, there are chances that you are using an outdated version of the app. In this case, updating the app sounds like a viable choice. For updating the app, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Open the menu of your mobile phone
  • Go to Play Store
  • Click on the menu icon available at the top-left corner
  • Click on “My Apps and Games”
  • Scroll down to find “Norton Security & Antivirus.”
  • Tap on the update button

Once the update starts, wait for it to complete. Once the updated app has been installed, open the app, and compromised WiFi prompt will be eliminated.

WiFi Security Scan

Running the security scan will tell you if there has been some intrusion to your network. For this method, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Open the Norton Mobile Security app on your mobile
  • Go to the online screen
  • Scroll down to tap on “WiFi Security.”
  • The WiFi security check will start, and the issue will be taken care of

Add VPN Layer

Obviously, you have installed Norton for securing your devices and network. In the case of the “WiFi Compromised” error, choosing a VPN as the layer of protection is suitable. The VPN will encrypt internet traffic, promising security for data transmissions. With this being said, the malicious programs might be able to see the data files, but the hackers can’t open the files, given the encryption.

Important Steps To Take During WiFi Compromised Error

If the WiFi has been really compromised, you need to take some important steps to ensure security. Let’s start with the following steps;

  • First of all, you need to determine the scope of intrusion. You can access the information through server records. It will have information about the IP address that initiated the attack
  • Once you have outlined the scope of the intrusion, it’s time to work on the source of the intrusion. The source of intrusion is the loop through which hacker injected malware into your device (you need to close that loophole)
  • If you have lost some sensitive information about business and clients, you need to make the news public on your own
  • After the coverup of this intrusion, you need to cover the loopholes and streamline the network and infrastructure. You need to ask yourself the following questions;
  • What changes are needed in the infrastructure?
  • Did someone share the password with unauthorized people?
  • Is there a need for data security training?

If you are using the WLAN network, you should try upgrading the network because it will automatically fix the security loopholes.

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