Samsung M2020w WiFi Setup: 2 Ways

samsung m2020w wifi setup
samsung m2020w wifi setup

Samsung is one of the most famous companies when it comes to hardware-related products. Their devices are sold all over the world and are considered to be some of the best. The brand provides its users with a huge lineup to select from. These include televisions, mobile phones, and even laptops. Aside from this, they also have printers that you can purchase.

The quality of prints that people can get on these devices is amazing. Additionally, there are lots of other features that you can get along with this. Connecting the device directly to the internet is one of these. Though, people who have recently purchased one of these printers might have trouble doing this at first. We will be using this article to help you with the procedure so that you do not have any issues.

Samsung M2020w WiFi Setup

Before starting with the Samsung M2020w Wi-Fi setup, you should ensure that all the drivers for your printer are installed on the device. The company usually provides users with a disk that contains these on it. You can directly install all the programs from it, to begin with, the process.

However, if you do not have access to the disk then another method is to visit the official website for Samsung. You can enter the model of your printer to find the drivers available for it. Make sure that you install the latest ones and even look for any firmware updates along with it. Finally, once all the drivers have been set up on your device. You can now start connecting your printer directly to your network.

1) Connecting Through WPS

The first method to connect your printer to the internet is through the WPS button. Make sure that you connect your system and device to the same network. After opening up the configuration program for your printer on your computer.

You can hold down the WPS button on it as well as on your router. This will allow the printer to search for connections all around it. Once it detects your router, both the devices should connect without any problems. If you are still having trouble then move your router closer to the device. This will ensure that the signals it is receiving are not too weak.

2) Connecting Through PIN Code

The second method that can be used is through the Personal Identification Number or also known as PIN. Most printers from Samsung already come with the PIN code printed on them by default. Though, if you cannot find it then open up the control panel for your router. Now hold down the WPS button for a few seconds after which the pin should appear on your screen.

You have to enter this on the connection page within 8 minutes to connect the router with your printer. If you fail to do so, then the user will have to repeat the process from start. The company even provides people with a support service that they can contact. These should allow you to get in touch with a person from Samsung. They will then guide you throughout the process and help you in connecting the printer to your internet.

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