Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 WiFi Won’t Turn On? Try These 5 Fixes Now!

samsung galaxy tab 4 wifi wont turn on
samsung galaxy tab 4 wifi wont turn on

When it comes down to Samsung, the company has coined its name as one of the best smartphone brands. In addition to smartphones, they also design tablets, and Galaxy Tab 4 is one of the best devices designed by Samsung. However, various people have forward with “Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 WiFi won’t turn on” complaint, and there are various solutions that can assist!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 WiFi Won’t Turn On

1. Delete The Memory

First of all, you must open the RAM manager of your tablet and opt for the level 1 memory release. In case the level 1 memory release doesn’t work, you need to follow the level 2 garbage collection. The second phase will help release over 800 MB of memory, which improves the processing of the tablet, and the Wi-Fi will work fine. For those who don’t know, level 1 helps remove the currently-opened apps, while level 2 helps remove the hidden programs that are operating in the background.

2. Reboot The Tab

Reboot is actually one of the best solutions when you want to fix the Wi-Fi network connectivity. For rebooting your Samsung tab, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions;

  • First of all, you have to switch on the airplane mode on the tab and switch off the tab
  • Keep your tab switched off for five minutes
  • After this, use the volume down and power buttons for switching on the tab
  • When the tab switches on again, try to connect to Wi-Fi and see if it works

3. Switch Off Power Saving Mode Wi-Fi

It is common for people to use their tablets in the energy-saving mode, which helps increase the lifespan of the battery. However, the energy-saving mode often switches off the important features. The energy-saving mode can be easily switched off from the notifications bar. So, just swipe down the notification bar, look for the energy-saving mode, and click on it. To illustrate, if the energy-saving mode is switched on, it will be green, but once you click on it, it will turn grey.

4. Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is designed to disconnect the connectivity features, such as mobile data, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. So, if your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is in airplane mode, the Wi-Fi won’t turn on. To check if your tablet is in airplane mode, look at the top bar and see if there is an airplane symbol. If you see the airplane symbol, you only have to swipe down the notification bar and click on the airplane mode. When you click on it, the airplane mode will turn grey, and the Wi-Fi feature will turn on.

5. Firmware Update

When it comes down to the firmware update, it’s something that you’ve to check with the router. The router is an important component of the router, and a firmware update is essential for streamlining the network performance. So, if you don’t download and install the firmware upgrade, it will adversely impact the wireless connectivity. To download the firmware upgrade, you have to open the router settings or ask for assistance from the router’s manufacturer.

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