3 Ways To Fix OpenVPN RTNETLINK Answers: Operation Not Permitted

rtnetlink answers: operation not permitted openvpn
rtnetlink answers: operation not permitted openvpn

Using VPN software is one way of making sure that all your data is secure. But sometimes having to connect your VPN every time you want to use your device at your home can get a little repetitive. This is why people use OpenVPN’s protocol servers at their homes or businesses.

These allow you to set up a server and then every time you connect to that internet connection, no one will be able to access your data. Making this feature really useful. Although, OpenVPN users might happen to run into the error ‘RTNETLINK answers: Operation not permitted’. In case you do, here are a few ways you can fix it.

OpenVPN RTNETLINK Answers: Operation Not Permitted:

  1. Update OpenVPN

Sometimes you might have not noticed that the drivers for your software are outdated. Running an older version of applications can cause them to give a number of errors. To fix this issue the company tens to roll out frequent updates. Considering this, if you update your OpenVPN then that error might get resolved.

To start, first of all, uninstall the current version of OpenVPN you are running. After this download a copy of the latest version of the software from OpenVPN’s official website. After it is done installing, be sure that you restart your device. This will help the software to completely update itself.

  1. Error in Configuration Files

OpenVPN’s VPN protocol server can be really hard to set up. Even for people who have some knowledge about how to set up protocol servers. This is because one small tiny mistake in your config file will give a compiling error resulting in the whole server being unusable. Reading the complete configuration file and locating where you might have made a typo or put up a wrong symbol can be really hard.

In regards to this, it is highly recommended that you set up your files and settings again. But follow the instructions provided by OpenVPN which come in the user manual. These commands are written in a step-by-step procedure that can be easy to follow and replicate. You can download the user manual from OpenVPN’s website after browsing the ‘downloads’ tab.

Delete your previous settings and enter the new ones by following the manual. After you are done with setting up your server’s settings. Save all of them and restart your application. Make sure that you back up all of this so that you can use it to restore your newly applied settings if you happen to run into some error again.

  1. Contact Support Team

If you are still getting this error after trying all of the steps mentioned above. Then you will have to contact the customer support team. They will get back to you promptly. Inform them about the error you are getting and send them a copy of your software’s logs as well. This will help the customer support in finding out what is causing this problem so that they can fix it. Remember to be patient and trust the process.

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