Roku Stick 3600 vs 3800: What’s The Difference?

roku stick 3600 vs 3800
roku stick 3600 vs 3800

If you live in America and want to enjoy a quality online video streaming, there is no better choice than the Roku. It is one of the best service providers in the region and helps its user to access premium quality video streaming through different platforms.

But, even if you have decided to go to Roku, there exist some essential things that you need to know about it. Here, we’ll talk about two of the most focused Roku sticks.

What is a Roku Stick?

In simple words, a Roku stick is something that enables the users to access the thousands of online video streaming channels without any difficulty. It is a flash drive like a portable device that you can plug into your Personal computer, smart TV, or laptop.

Roku Stick 3600 vs 3800

The Roku stick is portable, and you can easily take this small device with you on travel. In this draft, we will provide you every single detail about the Roku 3600 and the Roku 3800 stick. At the end of this draft, you will choose which stick will suit you in the best possible way.

Roku 3600

The Roku 3600 streaming stick is a High-definition streaming player with a quad-core processor. It makes this device quite fast and helps the user to enjoy the premium quality video with ease. This device has all the copyrights of Roku, and as we discussed earlier that the device is as light as 8 ounces, so you can easily carry it on your journey.

This device comes up with a wireless connection and has an internet streaming support of Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Hulu, Vudu, and Netflix. Along with it, the Roku 3600 streaming stick has a dimension of 0.8 x 1.6 x 5.5 inches.

Furthermore, it can provide you with 4k, HD, and HDR streaming. Roku 3600 stick has 500000+ TV episodes and movies and 75000+ free entertainment options based on the subscription. It comes up with easily controllable remote and straightforward navigation options for accessing top channels. The best thing about it is that Roku 3600 will provide you with a free mobile app to stream directly through mobiles.

Roku 3800

Every single device of Roku comes up with great functions. The Roku 3800 is something that you will love to have at your home. This particular device allows you to stream quality video and has the potential to stream in full High-Definition. The Roku 3800 series has so many device options to buy. The Roku 3800 series has both options for the 5th and 6th generations. So, you may choose according to your demand.

This particular device has a quad-core processor that makes it extremely fast while streaming. Along with it, what makes this device different is that the Roku 3800 has 500,000+ movies and TV episodes. Moreover, like all the other devices, you can take the Roku 3800 streaming stick everywhere.

For you ease, you will get a Roku 3800 series remote control to surf with ease. The best thing about the remote control is that you can easily reach top video streaming channels. This device comes up with a full color that adds more class to the streaming stick.

Final Remarks

It is always tough to compare between two different Roku streaming sticks. Both of the streaming, as mentioned above, have their qualities, and you must choose what suits your demands. If you are concerned about our suggestions, then you must go to Roku 3800. The reason to select this particular Roku device it the variety of streaming sticks available.

Choosing Roku 3800 does not matter that the Roku 3600 is a wrong version, but what makes Roku 3800 streaming stick stand firm is the 6th generation technology. Other than it, both of the sticks are perfect for a perfect video streaming experience.


In the article, we have provided clear guidelines about the Roku 3600 and 3800 streaming sticks. The article will enrich you with some of the best things you need to know about the Roku 3600 and 3800 streaming sticks. So, go through the article properly and choose what sounds best for you. Let us know if you have any queries.

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