Roku 3 vs Roku Premiere Plus: What’s The Difference?

roku 3 vs roku premiere plus
roku 3 vs roku premiere plus

Roku has become the ultimate choice for people who are in need of entertainment. Be it the support for streaming platforms or the Roku channels, the availability of media content is endless. With this being said, it can be difficult to choose one from an array of choices. So, if you have been confused as well, we are talking about Roku 3 vs. Roku Premiere Plus. Let’s see what Roku has to offer with these two media devices. Have a look!

Roku 3 vs Roku Premiere Plus

Roku 3

As compared to Roku 2, there have been multiple improvements and the integration of advanced features in Roku 3. First of all, it is designed to offer wireless as well as wired connectivity, catering to the diverse needs of the users. This Roku device is integrated with the high-speed dual-core Broadcom chipset that’s designed to enhance the performance and speed.

Roku 3 is designed with the built-in search button and mic in the remote. The best part is the availability of headphone jack, which means you can listen to private content easily. As for the outlook and appearance, Roku 3 is designed with a glossy black outlook. When you switch it on, there are status LEDs available on it that glows and reflects on the functionality.

When it comes down to the connectivity, Roku 3 has been designed with dual-band Wi-Fi compatibility. However, we suggest using ethernet cables for streaming the video content. As far as the ports are concerned, there is a USB output and HDMI output, so you can play the local media as well. It comes with the microSD storage slot, which positively influences the player’s capacity.

The Roku 3 users can use the cards to store the games and channels. The tipping point is that there is no power-off feature, which means the unit will keep functioning in the background, and the updates will be automatic. However, the setup can be pretty difficult because you have open the account and provide the credit card deals (yes, even if there are no monetary terms involved).

The bad thing about Roku 3 is that if you are not connected to the high-speed internet, you cannot even perform the offline tasks. As far as the video quality is concerned, Roku 3 offers the video resolution up to 1080p along with UHD resolution. However, there is no support available for 4K video streaming. With this box, you can get as many private channels as you want, along with 200 public channels.

When it comes down to gaming, Roku 3 remote comes with the built-in mic for voice search and the motion sensor. In addition, you beautifully play the Angry Birds on this. As for content availability, it is pretty high, and everyone can find something relevant to their needs. As for the performance, it is pretty suitable given the high-end support for streaming services.

Roku Premium Plus

Well, this device is the fine combination of Roku Express and the Streaming Stick+. Roku Premiere Plus has been designed with the small receiver box, but the quality standards strike with Streaming Stick+. The best thing about this device is that it offers 4K picture resolution for everyone who likes the crystal-clear image quality.

As far as the design is concerned, it has a compact size and comes with the HDMI cable support. The users can easily optimize the 2.0a connection through the HDMI port, and there is a micro USB option for optimizing the power standards. Given this, the Roku Premiere Plus comes with the remote with IR compatibility, which promises the line-of-sight operations.

When you buy the Roku Premiere Plus, it’s integrated with the double-sided tape that can help stick the box securely wherever you like. The best thing about this Roku device is easy to navigate the menu, which makes it easily utilizable. With Roku Premiere Plus, the users can use the streaming platforms like Disney+, Netflix, AppleTV+, and Amazon.

When you connect this device, the interface will have the bold icons to display different functions, and you can easily navigate around with the remote. As far as the content is concerned, there are public channels available, but users can also access HBO Now, Hulu, and Showtime.

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