6 Famous Hidden Roku Screensaver Images

roku screensaver hidden images
roku screensaver hidden images

Screensaver is a word that is linked to our childhood memories. We used to set up screensavers on our mobile. Though the trend is a bit old, Roku TV still follows the trend to provide its customer with uniquely awesome screensavers. They are mainly composed of purple and black color, and the best thing about Roku screen savers is that they are soothing to wyes.

But, do you know that Roku screensavers have some hidden images that you do not know about. These images vary all of the screensavers, and these screensavers include 30 different references from different movies and TV shows.

Roku Screensaver Hidden Images:

Some of the Hidden Images of Roku Screensavers

Roku screensavers are not like ordinary screensavers. They have some unique and hidden images placed in them that most people overlook. There are Easter eggs in it on the occasion of Easter and many other things that you will find hard to find, but we have got some of the hidden characters of Roku screensavers as we discussed that Roku Screensaver has 30 references from different movies and TV shows. So, here we’ll provide you with some of the famous hidden images of Roku screensaver.

1. Titanic Ship Hitting Iceberg

This image is not hard to find, as it is visible, but everything is hard to find when you are not concentrating. The first image that you will find in a Roku screensaver is of a sinking Titanic with an iceberg placed in front of it.

2. Emerald City 

The next thing that you must not have noticed is the emerald city from the Wizard of oz. The city is on the other side of the river, and if you see it correctly, you will find it with ease.

3. The island and Wilson from Castaway

Just in front of the Emerald City, you will find a small island, and on that island, there is a small ball under the palm tree. The ball is Wilson from Castaway.

4. Submarine

Look carefully, and you will see a submarine on the surface of the water. The submarine is taken from the movie “The Hunt for the Red October.”

5. Daily Planet

If you love superman, then you must know that what is the daily planet. If not, then it is the working place of superman. On the opposite side of the water in front of the submarine, you’ll notice the daily planet from superman movie.

6. Warehouse

Moving forward, you will see a warehouse and imaging what is in it? You will find some of the Ninja Turtle, such as Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello, in that building.

Along with it, there are some other hidden pictures, such as Spiderman, King Kong, and plane, and the death star from the star wars.


In the draft, we have mentioned some of the best possible hidden images in the Roku screensaver. All of the images are placed so that you will find it fun to name them all. So, sit in front of your Roku screensaver and let us know how many more images did you find. We are waiting for your response.

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