7 Ways To Fix ProScan TV Won’t Turn On

proscan tv wont turn on
proscan tv wont turn on

The ProScan TVs have been around for quite some time now. Ranging from channel changing issues to display errors, there are multiple issues, and ProScan TV won’t turn on is one of them. First of all, you don’t need to panic because we have easy troubleshooting methods for you!

How to Fix ProScan TV Won’t Turn On?

1. Warranty

To begin with, before you start implementing the troubleshooting methods, you have to consider the warranty. You must ensure that the warranty is active because it ensures that you can get the replacement and repair services for free (from ProScan). The warranty ranges from one year to three years, and it depends on the TV model.

The warranty can cover the defects and errors in the ProScan TV. So, if you have the warranty coverage available, we suggest that you send the TV to the official repair center. However, if the warranty is over, you can check the troubleshooting methods!

2. Remote Bypass

The first troubleshooting method is bypassing the remote and connecting the ProScan TV directly to the power outlet. For this reason, you have to check the power switch and see if the power button is switched on. If the button is switched on, the problem lies with the remote. The first instinct is to check the batteries because they might have worn out over time.

If you want to test the remote, you can point the remote at the camera of the phone and press the power button of the remote. The camera will be able to catch the infrared signals of the remote (yes, it will appear even if the light isn’t visible to the eyes). If you see the light flash, the remote is working fine. So, if the remote is fine and the power is switched on, check out the next solution!

3. Plug

Where the power cable enters the ProScan TV to the power switch or outlet, you have to inspect the cable. To begin with, the power cable must be plugged tightly at the back of the TV as well as the power switch. It is better that you eliminate the surge suppressors and extension cords because they will damage the signal transmission.

In case there are damages to the power cable, such as exposed areas or fraying, you have to repair the cable. You must take out the cable and replace it with the new cable. On the contrary, if you are unable to remove the power cable, you have to trip the circuit breaker or call the technician.

4. Power Connection

In case fixing the remote and cables don’t work, you have to check out the power connection. In this case, you must check the power outlet. For checking it, you can take out the power cable of the TV from the power outlet and connect some other electronic device, such as a lamp. If the lamp is not lighting up either, you have to change the power outlet.

On the contrary, if the lamp works, why don’t you just try connecting the power cable to the power outlet again? This is because, in some cases, reconnecting the power cable will work!

5. Connected Devices

The smart TVs are connected with cable boxes, DVD players, and streaming players for a better experience, but these connected devices can cause issues with connectivity. You have to check the associated devices and make sure their connections are fine. In case the connected devices have a seamless connection, there is something wrong with the internal components of the TV.

6. Internal Fuse

When it comes down to the internal components of the ProScan TV, you need to check the internal fuse. This is because when the internal fuse is blown or fused, it can lead to turn on issues. These are the internal circuits and need to work properly for the proper functionality of the TV. That being said, you have to call the technician because he can replace the fuse and the TV will start switching on.

7. Reboot

You never know that rebooting the TV will fix the switch-on issue with ProScan TV. For rebooting, you have to take out the power and let the TV rest for a few minutes. After a few minutes, just connect the power cord again and make sure it has a firm and secure connection. The reboot will also cool down the TV, hence better performance.

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