5 Methods To Solve Plex Update Error

plex update error
plex update error

Plex is a popular streaming software that’s suitable for multiple streaming platforms. In addition, it allows the users to stream content from various local servers, such as Nvidia Shield Pro, as long as you are connected to the internet. However, the new users often have a hard time installing the Plex as update error hinders the experience. So, if you have the update error, we have various solutions that can help!

Resolving Plex Update Error:

1. Optimize The Database

First of all, if the Plex is not updating, it simply means that the database must be optimized. In case you don’t know how to optimize the database, follow these instructions;

  • Open the Plex app and sign in to your account
  • From the top-left corner, open the three-dot menu
  • Tap on the manage server option
  • Click on the optimize database option
  • When the confirm box opens, click on the optimize button and wait for the update to complete

2. Run Plex As Administrator

When you install Plex on the PC without sufficient permissions to run the software properly, it can result in an update error. To fix this issue, you need to run Plex as the administrator – it can be done by opening the executable file through admin access. In addition, you’ve to follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Open the File Explorer on the PC and open the executable file of Plex
  • Right-click the file and tap on the “run as administrator” option

In fact, it’s better that you reboot the PC after running Plex as an administrator to make sure the settings are applied.

3. Refresh The Metadata

Another solution that you can try is to refresh the metadata. In particular, you have to refresh the metadata on the Plex server, and for that, these are the steps that you can follow;

  • Sign in to the Plex server account
  • Once you are signed in, open the libraries tab from the left menu
  • Tap on the “manage library” option
  • Click on the “refresh all metadata” from the menu
  • When the metadata is refreshed, you need to reboot the Plex server to ensure that the error is fixed

4. The Plex Database

If the Plex is running on the corrupt database, it can obviously lead to the update error. For this reason, you have to repair the database by following the below-mentioned steps;

  • Open the “run” dialog box
  • Type cmd in the field and hit the enter button
  • As a result, the database will be optimized and corrupt parts will be fixed
  • Once you run this command, reboot the PC and open Plex

In case this doesn’t work for you, it’s recommended that you simply delete Plex from the system (make sure you delete its files) and reinstall it to make sure the database is renewed.

5. Disable The uBlock & AdBlock Plus Plugins

The plugins like uBlock and AdBlock Plus can cause conflict on the Plex server, which leads to the update error. To disable the plugins, you need to open the Google Chrome browser, open the extensions page, go through the list, and disable the mentioned plugins (uBlock and AdBlock Plus).

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