8 Troubleshooting Ways For Fixing Sony Smart TV Slow Internet

sony smart tv slow internet
sony smart tv slow internet

Slow connectivity issues on streaming devices can get super annoying at times. Sony Smart TV has been providing the best streaming features for its users. However, it has been quite some time the users are not getting satisfying speeds. Whether the issues are with your internet connection or the Sony device itself.

To troubleshoot the issue, one must have an adequate idea about its origin. There can be multiple factors for the issue. Different users face different issues. However, constant buffering can be caused by a slow internet connection.

In this article, we will be providing you all the troubleshooting solutions that will be super helpful for you.

What Is Sony Smart TV?

Sony Smart TV brings the best experience with Android TV. It is the fastest device to browse all the streaming apps for you in a matter of minutes. You won’t have to wander around searching for streaming apps.

With some incredible features like Google assistance and voice-search, Sony TV has been winning hearts. However, the users these days do not seem to be much content with the streaming services of Sony TV.

We have already discussed that there could be any reason. It might be the slowdowns and sudden drops with your internet connection. Your wrong placement of connected devices can cause a hell lot of trouble as well. Although, there are chances that the actual problem lies with your Sony device and its apps themselves.

Luckily, troubleshooting these issues from the root is quite easy. Here is how you troubleshoot and solve the issue.

Troubleshooting Ways For Sony Smart TV Slow Internet:

The following are 10/10 tested troubleshooting steps to kill the slow internet connection with Sony Smart TV.

  1. Examine Your Smart TV:

To be sure in the very beginning, thoroughly check your Smart TV device if the device isn’t damaged. Sometimes the problem lies with the Smart TV itself.

If your Smart TV looks fine, jump to the second solution.

  1. Run A Speed Test:

Using your remote control, navigate to the Speed Test. You will get the results in a few moments. Running a network speed test always helps. How? It gives you the factual idea that your internet speed is coordinating with your network carrier. However, if it does not coordinate, contact your internet service provider.

  1. Restart Your Router Or Modem:

If there is nothing wrong with your internet speed, go for restarting your modem or router. Resetting can be quite helpful in giving improved internet speed. Why? Because sometimes, your Wi-Fi devices need to be rebooted for the improved speed performance.

  1. Power Reset Your Streaming Device:

Unplug the power cord of your Sony TV for a while. Connect it back. Check if the speeds have improved. Hopefully, it would help. As it helped many users in the first place.

  1. Disconnect Multiple Devices:

Mostly, your Sony TV stops giving fast streaming videos. Why? Because your single router connection is connected to too many devices. Try to limit the device number. You will surely get high speeds.

  1. Avoid High Peak Times:

Sometimes due to high peak periods, a load of the audience on a particular streaming app gets doubled. Try to avoid such high peak periods for your favorite shows.

Take out a particular time when there is no load of the audience. Applying this trick would help you enjoy fast streaming in no time.

  1. Avoid Interference By Relocating Your TV:

Another reason for your video streaming being excessively slow is concrete interference. With the thick concrete wall between your modem and TV device, you are more likely to face constant buffering. To avoid it, try to place your Sony TV without any wall interfering.

  1. Place Your Router Closer To TV:

Most often the distance between your TV device and your Wi-Fi router is too prolonged that the signal strength gets excessively poor. Try to place your Wi-Fi router near your device. In return, you will get the maximum streaming speed on your TV.


We are hopeful that the above troubleshooting steps would be enough to sort out your slow internet speed with your Sony TV.

However, if none of them helps, it is a high time you downright contact your ISP. You can also file complain to Sony Smart TV.

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