No Servers Detected DirecTV: 6 Ways To Fix

no servers detected directv
no servers detected directv

DirecTV offers straightforward and easy access to on-demand entertainment which is the prime reason that people are hoarding them. However, with the increment in the consumers, the no server detected DirecTV issue is increasing as well. But there is nothing to worry about since we have all the fixes you need and get watching the shows again!

No Servers Detected DirecTV

1) Green Light

You would surely have the Genie with DirecTV and one needs to ensure that it’s properly working. With this being said, the network light must have a yellow-green color. That’s to say because the red or orange network light suspects the absence of a network connection.

In this case, you need to check the cables because if it’s cut or damaged, the network connection will be impacted and there won’t be ample server detection. So, if there are damages, replace that part of the cable and you are good to go!

2) Plugging

When you are using DirecTV and Genie, you need to ensure that you have the proper network and cable infrastructure. First of all, if you’ve added something new to the system, such as a splitter, just take it out and the server issue will be taken care of. Secondly, always add the equipment or component that’s supported by DirecTV. In addition, you need to make sure that everything is properly connected since the loose and unsecured connections can lead to improper network connection.

3) Wait Is The Virtue

Okay, so if you are receiving the “no servers detected” error just after switching on the TV, we suggest waiting for a few minutes because it might be trying to establish the connection. That’s to say because overnight updates are regular with DirecTV and Genie and it takes time to load after the update.

4) Reboot

If the error is not going away even after waiting, a reboot is an absolute choice (the long one). In this case, you need to press and hold the red button (on the side or backside of the DVR). This reboot usually takes around two to five minutes but it’s likely to solve the majority of issues. Also, keep in mind that the network light on the DVR might blink in red color but it’s nothing to be worried about.

5) Cable Set

Okay, so you are still struggling with the error? With this being said, you need to check the cable connection and cable set. In this case, you need to connect the cable line to the DVR and client. This will highly likely fix the server detection issues. In addition, you can try replacing the entire cable set. To be honest, lining out the damaged cable can take time but it’s worth it.

6) Customer Support

If nothing is sorting out this server detection issue, we suggest that you call customer support and they will monitor the things for you. That’s to say because they might run the system test and it will help them outline the real issue. Consequently, they will provide better fixing tips. So, best of luck!

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