Strategic Partnership at CES 2012 Plans New Innovations for Internet TV

The International Consumer Electronics Show which took place during January of 2012 offered a look into the future of electronics with new trends in the consumer electronics industry.  One of the significant developments at CES 2012 in Las Vegas was the formal establishment of a partnership between PPTV Online TV and WASU Media Group.  PPTV and WASU are two major Chinese players in the media industry and the partnership symbolizes the beginning of new developments in the future of Internet TV.

PPTV Online TV is a primary television company that owns the copyrights to different components of Internet TV technology and content resources and WASU Media Group is a major television service company and Internet TV operator.  Both companies are based in China and plan to offer new innovations in Internet TV.

Developments in TV Entertainment

The partnership between PPTV Online and WASU will bring new developments to consumers who are looking for next generation entertainment options for Internet TV, some of which involve technology which allows the consumer to engage in an interactive experience with their home entertainment system.

The interactive experience will be achieved through a human to PC configuration.  The new technology will allow you to interact with your home entertainment system through voice-activated controls and gesture recognition technology.  This type of technology allows for intelligent searches, interactive gaming, and the ability to link more than one screen together for an enhanced multimedia experience.

In addition to new interactive technology consumers will be able to create a more personalized entertainment setup with new upgraded functions that provide for flexibility and a more versatile home entertainment system in your living room.

Integration of Television and Internet TV

In terms of staying connected with family and friends PPTV Online and WASU Media Group are working on strategies to integrate television and Internet TV to improve the ability to connect with others through social networking tools.  New technology which will be developed as the result of the partnership between PPTV Online and WASU will provide new ways for users to interact through social networking.

Some of the new methods will include being able to purchase garments which are worn by actor and actresses in different television shows and movies you are watching.  You will also have the options of forwarding the garments to a friend or family member following the purchase.  New social networking platforms will allow you to share interests in videos as well as vote on videos you like or dislike.  Additionally, you can share your own personal videos with your network of friends and family and vote on those videos as well.

PPTV Online and WASU also have other developments in the pipeline which will be convenient to use with mobile devices with Internet connectivity and mobile pad devices.  This joint venture is the result of more than 250 million users of the PPTV network with more than 32 million mobile device users also connecting to the network.  The primary objective behind this partnership is to move the consumer from simply viewing TV to interacting with it through new technology.

Statistics Point to the Future of Internet TV

The strategic partnership between PPTV Online and WASU is also the result of studies which have pointed to the future of Internet TV which is continually expanding. During 2011 a research study conducted by Digital TV showed that the use of Internet TV is expected to increase to nearly 130 million by the year 2016.  This will be an increase from 52 million during the year 2010.  The study also pointed to the fact that Internet TV use in the home environment will exceed one billion users.

PPTV Online and WASU own the rights to cross terminal applications as well as a host of content which will allow the partnership to develop new innovations in Internet TV technology making it more interactive for the end user.  PPTV Online plans to handle the operations portion of the partnership in addition to the marketing of new technologies.  WASU plans to handle the broadcast control which will be integrated with Internet TV.  The partnership between PPTV and WASU will also work toward the development of other new media opportunities as Internet TV evolves.

Other Internet TV Developments

Other developments in Internet TV at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2012 included a display of the new era of Connected TV advertising with YuMe offering advertising on a Smart TV infrastructure to provide advertisers with a way of reaching the mobile consumer as well as users who are connected with Internet TV.  Google also recently updated a patent which will offer the Google TV Marketplace featuring YouTube TV channels and other services bundled together as part of the Google TV network.

Roku, the maker of the Roku streaming video player is coming out with the Roku Streaming Stick which represents a portable streaming player in the form of a USB flash drive.  Inside the USB device is WiFi capability, a processor, and other necessary components for creating Internet connectivity for any television which is compatible.  Instead of spending several thousand dollars for a Smart TV you can choose to spend around $50 to make your current television Internet TV ready.

According to a combination of research studies and sales revenue from HDTVs, 2012 is predicted to be a big year for Internet TV with more televisions being made with Internet connectivity capabilities.

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