Netgear Router Not Configured Correctly: 4 Fixes

netgear router not configured correctly
netgear router not configured correctly

Netgear is the world leader in making domestic routers for personal use that exceed expectations and is considered pretty sturdy and the right choice for gaming, streaming, and extensive internet applications. While that being said, the hardware is not the only key factor that makes these routers are the perfect choice to have, but their software is also state-of-the-art.

With such high set bars of quality and performance, configuring them correctly is not such simple as it might be on the other routers available out there and you need to be careful about that too.

Netgear Router Not Configured Correctly

If you are getting some error stating that the router is not configured properly, here are a few things that you will need to check to make it work for you.

1) Restart the router

If you believe that you are seeing this error message due to some bug and the router was working just fine a few moments ago, that is entirely possible and it can happen at times. There is nothing to be worried about as it is also as simple to solve. All you need to do is restart your router once so it can check on all the hardware components and configuration and that will solve the problem for you for good.

2) Reset the Router

If you have recently made some changes to the router settings in the admin panel, or your PC network settings, or if you have changed the ISP and then you are getting this issue on your router. It might actually have messed up some settings on the router and you will need to get that fixed by performing a factory reset on your NetGear router.

This is also very simple and you don’t need to go to such lengths with this. All you will need to do here is reset your router using, the physical reset button that is on the back of your router, right beside the power chord and that will do the trick for you. It will restart once after the Rest and you will be able to use it without any issues.

3) Update the Firmware

It might be an outdated firmware that can cause you to have the issue and you will need to check on that once to ensure that you are good. So, try searching for available firmware updates and ensure that there are no such issues with the firmware like being glitchy, or you are not using any firmware that might be outdated.

Once you have the firmware updated, that is going to make it work for you and the error message you are getting regarding the router not being configured correctly will be gone.

4) Get the NetGear Genie

NetGear Genie is another great way to fix all the issues on your PC and if you are facing any such problems and you are unable to pinpoint the cause, you should install the NetGear Genie application on your PC and that is going to help you fix up all the issues that you might be facing.

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