Make NETGEAR N600 As A Repeater (In 5 Minutes)

netgear n600 as a repeater
netgear n600 as a repeater

Repeaters, extenders, and boosters are excellent ways to cover larger areas using a router’s Wi-Fi signals. If you have a three-story house and want to increase wireless coverage, you can set up a separate network and direct new clients to it.

The NETGEAR N600, on the other hand, can be used as a repeater or booster to extend the range of your wireless network. Since it is quite a common question of using NETGEAR N600 as a repeater we will go over its step-by-step procedure in this article.

NETGEAR N600 as A Repeater:

You can configure your NETGEAR as a wireless repeater, which significantly improves the signal strength and range of your NETGEAR N600 router by adding new clients to a separate network. Setting up your NETGEAR N600 as a Wi-Fi extender may require a few steps, so we’ve created a step-by-step guide to walk you through the entire process.

  1. Firstly, you need to connect your computer to the hosting network. You can use an Ethernet cable and connect it to your PC using the Ethernet port. If your computer primarily operates on the NETGEAR N600 network then it will work fine in that case too.
  2. Now open your web browser and access the default web address of your NETGEAR by typing in your address bar.
  3. Now sign in to your admin page by using the login credentials. The username and the password.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Once you enter your administrative page, navigate to the Setup tab and click the Wireless Settings tab beneath it.
  6. Now you have to write down the network name, network mode, and the channel of your network in the space provided for each field.
  7. Now go to the Security tab and choose WEP from the options. Enter the security key.
  8. Click the Apply button.
  9. Go to the Advanced option and click on the Wireless Repeating Function.
  10. Now enter the MAC (Media Access Control) address of your device.
  11. Now remove the Ethernet cable from your router and connect it to your NETGEAR device.
  12. Make sure that your router is not connected to the modem.
  13. Now you have to use the same router and log on to it by performing steps 2 and 3.
  14. Now match the configurations as that of the router you previously set. The network mode, channel, security, and service identifiers should be the same as the previous one.
  15. Navigate to Router Status and enter the IP address associated with your router’s LAN port.
  16. Now, select the Wireless Repeating Function and enter the MAC address shown.
  17. Select the Wireless Repeater and enable the Wireless Repeating Function.
  18. Enter the previously recorded IP address and uncheck the Disable Wireless Client Association box.
  19. Now disconnect the Ethernet cable and sign in to the network.
  20. Access the Wireless Repeating Function page and choose Enable Wireless Repeater.
  21. Then select the option Wireless Base Station.
  22. Disable the Wireless client as needed and enter the MAC address of the repeater in the respective field.
  23. Click the Apply button to finish the configuration.

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