4 Fixes For NETGEAR EX3700 No Internet Connection

netgear ex3700 no internet
netgear ex3700 no internet

Netgear is one of the top networking equipment manufacturers with an array of routers, modems, and network extenders. EX3700 is another Wi-Fi range extender that’s been designed to connect over fifteen devices and offer coverage of more than 1000 sq./ft. In addition, it has dual-band compatibility, which offers a combined speed of 750Mbps and has external antennas for better signal strength and performance. It connects through WPS really quick as well. However, if you have Netgear EX3700 with no internet error, here are a few solutions!

NETGEAR EX3700 No Internet Connection Fix:

1. Check Internet Connection

The EX3700 or any other range extender don’t connect to the internet on their own. Instead, they connect to your router using the Wi-Fi network and then boost those to improve the signal strength and connectivity. For this reason, if there is no internet on the range extender, it’s highly likely that the router isn’t connected to the internet.

To be sure, it’s recommended that you turn off the extender and connect a device to the router only. If the internet doesn’t work, you have to call the internet service provider to fix the internet connection. However, if the internet works when you are connected via router, you need to check the next step.

2. Reconnect

If the router is working properly, we recommend that you disconnect the extender once and then connect it with the router again using the WPS setup. The reconnection will help clear out the bugs and errors on the range extender that interfere with the connection and cause the no internet error. In fact, reconnecting the extender and router will lead to fresh internet signals that help improve the internet speed.

3. Router Configuration

Router configuration and access point settings also play a key factor in the quality of internet connection. To fix the router configuration and access point settings, we recommend that you access the router’s dashboard and clear out the bandwidth restrictions. In addition to this, the access points must be enabled.

Secondly, you must ensure that both wireless bands are set up – it will ensure that the router shifts to the most suitable wireless channel according to the internet speed and bandwidth requirements. Once you make these changes, just save them and reboot the router and extender.

4. Factory Reset

Lastly, if you were unable to fix the no internet issue after following the above-mentioned troubleshooting, it is recommended that you factory reset the router as well as the range extender. The reset button is either on the bottom or on the sides, so access it and press the reset button with a paper clip or some other pin. You need to keep the button pressed for 5 seconds or until the lights start blinking.

Once the lights start blinking, you can leave the button, and the extender will reset on its own. Then, you can connect it with your router again through WPS, and it will be connected to the internet. As a result, the internet speed and performance will be optimized. If you still have some questions, call Netgear customer support!

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