4 Common NETGEAR EX2700 Problems (With Fixes)

netgear ex2700 problems
netgear ex2700 problems

Netgear is definitely among the top brands available for a wide range of networking equipment. They manufacture routers, range extenders, network switches, bridges, modems, and a lot more that helps with extensive networking needs for home and office use. Netgear is known for its reliable performance and speed, irrespective of which router or range extender you choose. Similarly, Netgear EX2700 is one of the best Wi-Fi range extenders that’s designed with utmost focus on improving speed and performance. However, at times, it can also have some Netgear EX2700 problems. So, with this article, we are sharing the common problems associated with this range extender and the solutions!

NETGEAR EX2700 Problems:

1. Overheating

The range extender’s design is overall great, which eases installation and setup. However, there are no ventilation ducts on the range extender, which leads to overheating. Honestly, the device has a great temperature rating and feasibility, which means it can be used for multiple devices simultaneously. On the contrary, if it is installed in an enclosed space, a lack of ventilation and airflow can result in a rise in temperature, which is not great for internal components (it can result in system failure).

So, just make sure that you have installed it properly and that it has enough ventilation around it. For instance, you could put it on a high shelf and make sure it’s not put on carpet or cushion as it blocks ventilation. Last but not least, it’s recommended to install it around the window.

2. Not Connecting To The Router

Another common problem faced by users during the setup is that it won’t connect to the router, which hinders the connectivity. If you face a problem with your Netgear EX2700 not connecting properly, it’s recommended that you factory reset the extender. To factory reset the EX2700 range extender, you have to locate the reset button while it is connected to power and press it for five seconds.

When the reset button is pressed, the lights will blink on the extender, and the customized settings will be deleted. Once the factory settings have been restored, you have to set up the extender again, but it will probably work on the router without any errors. In case there is still some connectivity issue, you should contact the internet service provider or Netgear customer support.

3. Slow Speed

The range extenders are widely used by users to extend the internet connection, which means slow internet speed is a significant issue. This slow internet speed issue can be caused due to multiple reasons, and the most common is the incorrect wireless band. If you are connected to a 2.4 GHz channel, you need to switch to 5 GHz, and it will improve the internet speed, but keep in mind that 5 GHz has a limited range, but the high internet speed is worth it.

If the wireless band is correct, you need to check the bandwidth allocation on the router as well and make sure that there are no connectivity restrictions. Last but not least, the speed might be slow because of the slow incorrect connection on the backend (by the ISP). For this reason, we recommend that you call the internet service provider and upscale the internet plan.

4. Frequently Disconnecting

The range extenders such as EX2700 are widely used to extend the Wi-Fi network to improve the internet speed. However, if the range extender is causing issues and is disconnecting from the network, you have to check the distance. You must ensure that the range extender and router are in closer proximity to each other. You also need to ensure that there are no obstacles between them, such as thick walls and wireless devices, that can cause this issue, and your EX2700 extender will start delivering sufficient network coverage. As far as the wireless devices are concerned, they can cause signal interference with the range extender, resulting in connectivity issue, which is why you should keep them away.

Antenna positioning also plays a crucial role in connectivity and signal strength. So, if the antennae position isn’t correct, it will result in internet issues. EX2700 comes with two antennas, and you need to position them according to the manual to achieve the right signal strength. It is recommended that you point them toward your devices. You also need to ensure that there are no blockages between the antennas and devices.

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