NETGEAR EX2700 Slow Speed? 4 Things To Do Now

netgear ex2700 slow speed
netgear ex2700 slow speed

Netgear is known for manufacturing a wide range of equipment that can be used for networking infrastructures for commercial spaces and homes. Not only do they have a wide range of routers and modems, Netgear is also known for its exceptional speed and performance that supports bandwidth-consuming activities, such as streaming and gaming. Netgear EX2700 is a Wi-Fi range extender that allows dual-band connectivity and ensures a wider area coverage for your network to deliver great internet speed. However, if you are getting Netgear EX2700 slow speed issue, here are a few things to help you out.

Fixing NETGEAR EX2700 Slow Speed:

1. Switch to 5GHz

If you aren’t getting sufficient internet speed after connecting the range extender, the first step is to check the wireless band and change it. The 2.4GHz is pretty great for a stable internet connection with a reasonable internet range, but the speed is slower. On the other hand, the 5GHz wireless channel is the one that promises better performance and speed, but it might have a limited range.

So, if you are having problems with speed and don’t mind the internet range, you will need to switch to 5GHz, as it will increase the internet speed. You might have to compromise a bit on the signal coverage area, but if your devices are in the same room or in closer proximity, this wireless channel is perfect for you!

2. Bandwidth Allocation

Bandwidth allocation can directly impact the internet speed. It enables each device to attain specific uplink and downlink channels. If the 5GHz frequency or channel is not giving you the desired speed either, the next thing you have to do is to check the bandwidth allocation. The bandwidth allocation must be unrestricted for each device, including the extender, as it helps improve the internet speed. In addition to this, it’s recommended that you contact the internet service provider to make sure they haven’t imposed bandwidth restrictions.

3. VPN

VPN is definitely great for security and masking your private information while connected over the internet. However, it does cost you internet speed. If the VPN is enabled on your router, it could result in a slower internet speed. So, disabling the VPN if it is active on your router to improve the connectivity, and the speed will be increased as well. However, you can connect the VPN on the devices where you’ve to use the internet as it doesn’t impact the wireless network’s speed. As far as turning off the VPN is concerned, you can access the router’s network settings.

4. Factory Reset

If you have checked all the above-mentioned solutions and you still have the slow speed issue with your Netgear EX2700, you might have to perform a factory reset to clear out incorrect settings that could be slowing down the internet speed. It is pretty simple; you just have to press the reset button while ensuring that EX2700 is connected to power. However, if the reset doesn’t work either, you might be getting slower internet speed from the ISP, and the internet plan upgrade is recommended for high-speed internet connection!

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