Netgear CM2050V vs CM1150V Router Comparison

netgear cm2050v vs cm1150v
netgear cm2050v vs cm1150v

If you are an internet router, we are sure that you understand the criticality of a router. This is because it’s the bridge that connects the main internet line to the internet modem, which helps with better wireless connectivity. For this purpose, people tend to select the best routers in the industry, and Netgear is actually one of the most preferred choices for people since it has an extensive range of routers to set up the internet connection. Having said that, we are talking about Netgear CM2050V vs CM1150V as these two routers are popular for advanced features!

Netgear CM2050V vs CM1150V

Netgear CM1150V

Whenever someone purchases a router, they start complaining about the difficult setup process, and this Netgear router is designed to take away all such issues. This is because this router is extremely easy to set up, and it won’t take more than half an hour of your time. The router has an aesthetic design, which makes it a promising choice for people who are concerned about the appearance of their home. In addition to convenience and aesthetic design, it’s also a suitable choice if you have subscribed to gigabit internet plans.

Netgear CM1150V router is integrated with call features that will help with internet-based calling features and improve the video calling experience. This is because this router has automated prioritization for voice over the internet connection. As far as internet connectivity is concerned, it comes with dual WAN ports that supports the multi-gig internet speed, promising seamless wireless connectivity.

The router is a perfect choice for people who are trying to cut back on the monthly equipment rental charges. However, you need to remember that this router only works with the Comcast internet packages, and it won’t work with satellite and DSL connections. Also, as long as you use this router with Comcast internet, you will be able to use it for gaming. The router is designed with high-contrast LEDs that allow the users to keep an eye on the internet connection’s status.

Coming back to the design, it comes with the vertical position, which actually helps keep the router cool from different sides because we all know how an overheated router can slow down the internet. In addition, there are four Ethernet ports and two phone ports which makes it suitable for setting up a wired internet connection and using it for voice calls, respectively. All in all, it can support advanced gaming and 4K content streaming without any buffering.

Netgear CM2050V

If you are ready to enjoy the fastest internet speed while connected with cables, this Netgear CM2050V router delivers 2.5x faster internet speed to smoothen the gaming, streaming, and browsing experience. The router is integrated with two telephone ports that help prioritize the voice connection over the internet, promising clear voice calls. However, for the call feature to work, you need to subscribe to Xfinity Voice Service Plan.

The router is designed with DOCSIS 3.1 configuration, which promises 2.5 faster internet connectivity. The best thing about this router is that it’s designed for gigabit cable internet services and will suffice various other internet plans. When it comes down to the calling features, this router is enough to support three-way conference calls, call forwarding, and caller ID. On top of everything, this router is backward compatible for 32 x 8 channel bonding.

Netgear CM2050V is one of the easiest routers to set up as it only requires a few months. It works pretty well with Orbi RBK852, RAX120, and RAX200 routers, particularly the ones with 2.5Gbps WAN ports. As far as the voice connections are concerned, it works with triple plans and double plans of Comcast. Not to forget, it comes with automatic prioritization features, which promise an unhindered and clear calling experience.

It is integrated with two telephones as already mentioned, but it also has one Ethernet port that supports a 2.5Gbps internet connection to offer a cabled internet connection. Moreover, there is one WAN coaxial connection that helps with wireless connectivity. It also supports IPv6, which enhances the internet speed and eliminates the internet-based hurdles.

On a concluding note, both these Netgear routers are pretty great, but the latter is better for people who want a clear calling experience.

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