Netgear A6210 Adapter Is Not Found In Windows 10:

netgear a6210 adapter is not found windows 10
netgear a6210 adapter is not found windows 10

NetGear A6210 Adapter is simply the best thing that you can have to get the basic Wi-Fi optimized network. While it is simply a great thing to have, it is a bit complicated to setup and you might not be able to make it work if you are not tech-savvy and that can cause you to have troubles with the network.

If you are having issues with your NetGear A6210 Adapter on the Windows 10 and it is stating not found, you can make it work through these troubleshooting steps.

Netgear A6210 Adapter Is Not Found In Windows 10

1) Update the Driver

You will need to go to the Device Manager and click on the Network Adapters button. Then, right-click on the 802.11ac wireless card and select properties. Here, you will be able to locate the driver tab and that will give you an option to update the driver. You can update the driver automatically if you are connected to the internet and that is going to solve all the problems that you might be facing with your NetGear A6210 Adapter. This will be the best thing that you can do and you will not have to face issues with it ever again.

Also, since you are using Windows 10, there is another method to update the drivers and this might be a bit longer one than usual. You will need to access the windows 10 updates center and that will allow you to update all the necessary drivers. Once you click on that button, you will be able to update all the drivers on your PC. This can take anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour depending on the internet connection that you have and what speed you are getting. Nevertheless, this will make it work for you and you will be able to use your adapter once again.

2) Roll-back the driver

If you have recently installed an update for the driver and that might not be working properly, that can also cause you to have such issues with the NetGear adapter and that is certainly not the thing that you want to have on your PC. So, you will need to follow the same Device manager process and under the update driver button, there is another button that says “Roll-Back Driver”.

You will need to click on that button and that will roll back the driver to the previous version that was working fine. This is optimally going to solve the problem for you and you will not be getting this problem again.

3) Get it Checked

If you have tried both of the above and you are still not able to make it work, that would mean that something might be wrong with the adapter and that needs to be checked. You will have to reach out to NetGear and ask for a service center that you can reach out to get your adapter checked and that is going to solve the problem for you for good with a repair or replacement.

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