Netflix Slow On Apple TV: 4 Ways To Fix

netflix slow on apple tv
netflix slow on apple tv

With state-of-the-art hardware, and cutting-edge technologies being used in the manufacturing, you get a truly wholesome experience with the Apple TVs. Not to mention the firmware that you get on these TVs is more stable than anything else.

The stability, speed, performance, and above all these graphics that one might be getting on these Apple TVs with amazing resolutions are the perfect thing that will enhance your screening experience.

Netflix Slow On Apple TV

There are multiple applications that you get access to on the Apple TV and the iOS makes it possible for you to download a whole wide range of these compatible applications on the TV. Netflix is one such application that everyone would like to have on their TVs for streaming.

It works out flawlessly with the Apple TV as well and there are no issues or problems that you might have to face with the Netflix application. However, if Netflix is slow on Apple TV, or it is buffering more than it should. Here are a few common and easy fixes that you can try.

1) Internet Speed

The most common problem that people face is that their internet connection might not be up to par and it might be getting lower speed than it is required to make Netflix work. You need to know that the better resolution you want, the better your internet speed must be.

So, check on the internet speed and that will help you make sure that you are not getting any hassles due to that. If the internet speed is slower than you would like it to, or the one appropriate for running Netflix smoothly, you will have to check with your ISP. Maybe you will have to get the plan upgraded so that you can make the experience better.

2) Check on VPN

Another possible thing that might be causing you to have the problem can be the VPN application enabled on it. That is going to help you ensure that the bandwidth is not being throttled or that it is not limited due to some reason.

So, check on these applications thoroughly and if there are any VPN applications that you might have enabled on the Apple TV or your network. You should be disabling the applications for a better Netflix experience. This is going to help you out perfectly in making the Netflix work on your Apple TV and the speed will be better than anything. Having a VPN enabled can mask your identity, but it might cause your Netflix to work slower on the Apple TV.

3) Stop Screen Mirroring

Apple TV allows you to have the right edge of usage and you can mirror the screen on Apple TV from your other Apple Devices. That includes all the iPhones, iPads, and macs. So, if you are mirroring the screen on your Apple TV from some other devices. That might be possibly causing you to have a problem with the speed of Netflix.

Apple TV has a Netflix application of its own and it would be better if you are using the application on the Apple TV rather than mirroring the screen. That will help you out in solving the problem perfectly and that is going to help you out in the right manner.

4) Update the Application

Another possible thing that you will have to do is update the application. If you are using an outdated version of the Netflix application on the Apple TV, that can possibly cause you to have errors of this sort and that is something that you would never want to have.

So, just make sure that you are getting the right version of the update that you are using on the Apple TV that you have and that is going to help you in the right manner in solving the problem. After the update, it would be better to relog the Netflix account on the application and that is going to help you in sorting the problem for good.

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