6 Steps To Fixing MetroNet TV Not Working

metronet tv not working
metronet tv not working

Entertainment is important for everyone and it’s common for people to use cable services for accessing TV channels. However, MetroNet also has designed TV services, which are designed to replace cable TV and acquire digital channels.

There is an HD streaming option available to access live TV. In addition, you can binge-watch TV shows when they are broadcasted. You can actually ask MetroNet to create the desired TV bundle for you. However, if you subscribed to the TV services but they aren’t working, we have some solutions for you!

How To Fix MetroNet TV Not Working?

  1. Scan The Channels

If the TV service is not working, it’s recommended that you scan the channels again. For this purpose, you have to press the menu button on the remote, scroll down to settings, and press the scan button. It’s recommended that you press the auto-scan button.

When the auto-scan button is pressed, the confirmation pop-up will appear and you have to press the yes button. However, it’s recommended that you reboot the TV before using the auto-scan feature.

  1. Reset The TV

If the auto-scan hasn’t resolved the TV issues, we recommend that you reset the TV. For this purpose, we recommend that you shut off the TV for five minutes and make sure you disconnect the power cord. After five minutes, reconnect the power cord and try reconnecting to the TV service.

  1. Wire

When it comes down to the MetroNet TV, you have to check the wire. In particular, you must inspect the TV wire and make sure it’s not damaged or melted. If the wire seems damaged, it’s recommended that you replace the wire.

Secondly, if the wire is already intact, you must ensure that the wire is inserted into the correct port – you can consult the manual to determine the correct port. In addition to this, make sure that the TV wire is always tightened up.

  1. Reset The Channel

In some cases, errors in frequency or bandwidth can also lead to TV connectivity issues. In most cases, it happens when someone tampers with the TV settings and has changed the frequency or bandwidth. The solution is to open the settings on your TV and select default bandwidth.

On the other hand, if your TV settings don’t allow you to reset the bandwidth to default value, you should reboot the decoder because it automatically resolves the errors in frequency and bandwidth value.

  1. Weather

Bad weather is one of the most common reasons behind the TV service not working. So, it’s recommended that you look out of the window to see if it’s raining or there are strong winds. If the weather is rough, you have to wait for the weather to normalize and the TV services will be retrieved.

  1. HDMI Port

The HDMI port is responsible for connecting the TV wire and transmitting the signals, which is important for broadcasting the channel. So, we recommend that you inspect the HDMI port and replace it if it’s damaged. However, before you replace the HDMI port, try cleaning it with a cotton bud!

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