MetaLINK Internet Reviews (Everything To Know!)

metalink internet reviews
metalink internet reviews

MetaLINK is one of the best internet service providers offering fiber and wireless internet services in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

The company has been offering internet services since 1996 and the majority of internet plans are designed with unlimited internet.

In addition, MetaLINK doesn’t cap the internet, so you don’t have to worry about internet slowdowns. However, if you want to subscribe to MetaLINK internet services and want to know more about them, we are sharing an in-depth review!

MetaLINK Internet Reviews

MetaLINK Internet – The Brief

MetaLINK is one of the most reliable internet service providers for people on the outskirts of the US. They have different internet plans available for residential and commercial users.

MetaLINK is offering internet speed up to 1Gbps, depending on the location. Currently, there are four area categories that cover different states and districts.

According to the company, they are offering internet services at a fixed price without any data caps and throttling, which means the users get high-speed internet at all times.

  1. Residential Internet

MetaLINK has different internet plans for commercial and residential users with different rates and data allocation.

internet 2

However, the plans and their prices depend on the location, so make sure you check the viability on their website. So, let’s check out the residential internet plans!

Plan 15

This internet plan offers an internet speed of over 15Mbps and can be used on three devices simultaneously. In addition, the users get unlimited data.

In addition to the data allocation, the internet plan offers streaming on a Single TV and allows connection for multiple wireless devices. This plan costs $69.95 for a month.

Plan 25

As the name suggests, the internet plan offers an internet speed of 25Mbps and is suitable for five devices. There is unlimited data and you can stream videos without any lags.


In addition, limited online gaming is also available and you can sign into the Zoom meetings without any interruptions and buffering. The plan can be subscribed for $79.95 a month.

Plan 50

This is one of the best value internet plans that offers internet speed of over 50Mbps and will be installed in days. It can be used on ten devices at once and you can use it for online gaming.


This internet plan is apt for online video streaming and you can watch HD content. In addition, you can join the Zoom meetings without any disconnection issues. It costs $89.95.

Plan 100

This internet plan costs $99.95 a month and you can enjoy a speed of over 100Mbps. You can connect over fifteen devices and is perfect for online gaming and video streaming.

It’s suitable for watching content on 4K TVs without any buffering and lags. In addition, you can use it for wireless devices as well.

Add-On Services

With the residential internet plans, there are various add-on services available for people who work from home. That’s because the add-ons include email accounts, cloud storage, and more!

cloud storage

  • Web/Email Accounts – the plan costs $500 a month and has a single email account. In addition, you get 2TB of free email storage, anti-spam, and anti-virus software
  • WEPP – this is the wireless equipment protection plan that costs $795 a month and is a great way of mitigating the call service charges. It promises priority response time and you can get a free replacement for equipment in case of damage
  • Managed Wi-Fi – this add-on costs $795 and allows the users to set up a guest network. In addition, you get a professional router with top-notch parental controls and streaming prioritization
  1. Business Internet Services

MetaLINK has business class internet services available for every business, including enterprise, small, and medium-scale businesses.

The internet is fast enough to support important business apps and software. In addition, there is a fixed wireless technology that offers reliable and high-speed internet to businesses.

internet speeds

The best thing about business internet services is that the internet is secure, seamless, and affordable as compared to fiber internet connections.

To provide business-class internet services to the users, the company has installed 250 towers in Southern Michigan, Northwest Ohio, and Northeast Indiana.

Rather than using the phone company cables and wires to provide internet services to the customers, the company uses wireless microwave connections to offer better internet speeds.

MetaLINK offers a high-speed fixed wireless connection that can be deployed at over 10 miles, which means you can get high-bandwidth access (there are no limitations like cable and fiber networks).

fiber lines

On top of everything, they will install the internet connection within a few days, so there is no long waiting time. As far as the internet speed is concerned, it ranges from 25Mbps to 100Mbps.

  1. Dedicated Internet

The dedicated internet is offered as a part of the business internet and it’s an affordable option. With dedicated internet, the internet speeds range from 25Mbps to 1Gbps.

With a dedicated internet connection, a dedicated circuit is installed to offer private internet access to one location, which promises the internet bandwidth is delivered to the circuit owner without any middle person.

  1. Fiber Internet

They have Metro Ethernet service that offers cost-effective internet services to the users – they can be connected at different locations. The cables are perfect to carry the data and VoIP signals.

  1. Temporary Broadband

The temporary circuits are meant to offer high-speed and reliable internet to the users at a specific time, so the users only pay for the internet that they use.


Additional Services

It’s needless to say that MetaLINK’s internet services are exceptional and there is something for everyone, be it in terms of budget or in terms of internet speed.

In addition to providing internet services, they have their own speed test available, so you can keep an eye on the internet speed (you can file a complaint if the speed is lower than the advertised value).

Secondly, there is remote support available to make sure your issues are resolved within the minimum timeframe.

The bottom line is that the company promises 99.95% uptime and 24/7 customer support, so there are no compromises on quality and reliability!

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