MediaPortal vs NextPVR: What’s The Difference?

mediaportal vs nextpvr
mediaportal vs nextpvr

There are lots of people who love streaming the media content and that is pretty much enough for them. Yet, some might need to record the media that they are watching so that they can enjoy it later, or to show it to some other friends and family as well.

Whatever the application might be, media recording is something real and a basic need for a wide range of applications let it be business, academic, or simply entertainment. There are tons of options out there that allow you to make that work, and if you are wondering about the best possible solutions, you will find two names on the top on internet.

MediaPortal vs NextPVR

Mediaportal and NextPVR are two such solutions that are widely used for screen recording and a lot of other fun stuff that enables you to have different features so you can truly enjoy the experience with both of them.

Yet, there are some key differences between both of them that separate them from one another and you will have to think about which solution would be the perfect thing to have for those needs that you are looking a solution for. A few of these differences that will effectively help you with the comparison are:


MediaPortal is not just any other application, but it is an open-source media player that also allows you to have the features of recording video and a lot of other stuff like that.

This is basically the best alternative you can have for the Windows Media Center, as the interface and other basic functioning is pretty much the same, but it has some of these pros and added features that will make the whole application a lot more fun for you to use for all the different sorts of applications that you have on your mind.

The portal is basically based on C# and is usable for both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms so you are not going to have any sort of problems with running it on Windows. No matter what version of Windows you are using, this portal can help you with the basic media streaming and of course those recording features.

The software was initially designed to help people record the Live TV or any other media content they are watching, but there have been major improvements ever since and a lot of features are added such as the ability to take screenshots while streaming, and the best part is that you can even record the video and take a screenshot of the media on your screen simultaneously without having any sort of issues at all.

Yet, being an open-source application, there are certain security risks involved if you are using a version of MediaPortal that is from some unknown developer that you cannot simply trust blindly so you will have to be careful about that as well. Except that, there are no system requirements that you will have to worry about and a basic PC wit Windows is enough to get the MediaPortal running on it.


NextPVR might not be an opensource software but it got lots of perks that will make it worthy of consideration and you are going to have the seamless experience with it. It is basically a personal video recording application that can work with multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac and Docker, so if you were looking for something beyond Windows, this is definitely the right choice for you to have. NextPVR has the best features out there that makes it stand out from other standard video recording software and media platforms.

To start with that, NextPVR allows you to record live TV, series recordings, web scheduling and a lot more. There is also a client application that you can install on your iPhone/iPad and record the screen there.

In addition to all that, you will also get the Kodi Integration on NextPVR so that you are able to record the content on your TV or any other device that is running Kodi and have it stored directly on the host application on your PC or Mac. The best thing is that it is not open-source either so you get a safer experience and you just have to download NextPVR and start recording.

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