7 Ways To Fix Mediacom Packet Loss Issue

mediacom packet loss
mediacom packet loss

Mediacom internet has become the prioritized choice for the people looking for streamlined and uninterrupted internet signals. On the other hand, some users have been struggling with the packet loss that can adversely impact the internet speed. So, if you are struggling with the Mediacom packet loss, we have designed this article. In the article below, you’ll find the troubleshooting methods to fix the packet loss issue. Let’s have a look!

Fix Mediacom Packet Loss Issue

1) Connection Issues

Whenever you are lining out the packet loss on your internet connection, the first instinct should be to check the connections. With this being said, you should check the cables and cords. Also, make sure all the cords and cables are plugged in tightly because loose cables can lead to a packet loss. Even more, the cables should be all perfect and there are no damages.

2) System Restart

For the computers, mobile phones, and routers that have been working for a long time, give them a break because it can lead to packet loss. In this case, you need to switch off everything because software and hardware both need a jumpstart. This will easily fix the minor glitches and fixes the packet loss issue.

3) Use Cable Connections

We understand that Wi-Fi connections have become convenient and provide widespread connection availability. However, Wi-Fi connections can be easily interfered with. So, if you are struggling with slow internet and packet loss, you should switch to cable connections. The cable connections are never impacted by the wireless frequencies or signals, hence no packet loss.

4) Remove Static Items

As for the firewalls, you need to ensure that you switch off the firewall or use only one at a time. In addition, you need to switch off the surveillance cameras, Bluetooth devices, wireless devices, and many more. That’s because these devices will create static charges, hence the packet loss. So, turn down these components.

5) Software Updates

Sure, you didn’t have time to update the software, but if you put it off for a long time, it can impact the internet speed. In this case, you need to update the software of your computer and mobile phone. This will fix all the bugs that reduce the chances of packet loss.

6) Dated Hardware

If your devices are from the stone age (pun intended), the packet loss will be captivated to your device, for real. So, you need to update the hardware to make sure internet speed is positively impacted. The devices in the network infrastructure should be high-end that promises a streamlined connection.

7) QoS Settings

With the QoS settings (quality of service) which means you can optimize the connection. This is because QoS settings can help you monitor and control packet loss while effectively using the network resources. This setting is suitable for Medicom users who tend to stream 4K videos, play online games, and make video calls.

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